YouTube Music Artists view now only shows saved songs

In April, Google revamped the YouTube Music library to work more like Play Music, and now the Artists view gets another upgrade to show only saved songs. This comes as the company detailed Google Play Music’s shutdown timeline this week.

The Library tab lets you view content by downloads, playlists, albums, songs, artists, and subscriptions. This penultimate section always displays a list of singers and bands. However, the artist name now comes with your song count, instead of YouTube subscribers.

Tap an artist from this list to view the songs you’ve added to your library. This view previously took you to the artist’s full page accessible from search and features their entire catalog. It’s still accessible from a “View All by Artist” button at the bottom.

This setting makes a lot of sense for those who save their favorite songs and want a quick way to access them. Unlike “Downloads”, which has its own tab, you previously couldn’t sort regular songs by artist. It’s now similar to how Google Play Music’s artist pages have an “In My Library” section.

Spotted this morning, the new and improved YouTube Music artist view with songs is now widely available on Android and iOS, as well as the web.

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