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Mia Garcia became the youngest ever Tejano Music Prize winner in 2018 at age 11 for Best New Female Artist. The singer turns 15 today (June 6) and while she is currently focused on excellence in academics and high school athletics, she released a few singles in the last year.

Mia made her debut on the Tejano music scene at the age of 8 with the release of her first single and music video “El Perdón” in December 2016, a cover of the worldwide hit of Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias. She released her first album, The Queen of the Worldin 2017 which earned him the TMA victory.

The singer became a published author with the release of the bilingual children’s book My Hero: Mi Heroe in June 2020. His latest musical releases include the cumbia “Acercate” and a cover of “Escápate” produced by Abraham Quintanille.

In May, Mia joined the Tejano Recording Academy at Southside High School in San Antonio to support the donation of musical instruments to the high school’s Conjunto group.

You may not have heard much about Mia in the music world lately, but this was Mia’s freshman year at St. Stephens High School, ranked among the top private schools in Texas. She pursued a full scholarship focusing on academics and sports. In her freshman year, Mia competed in cross country, bodybuilding, and Espacios Compartidos, which focuses on all things Hispanic. She continues to be advised by Dr. Louis Murillowho majored in Chicano studies.

In May, Mia attended the Elite Trampoline Academy and trained with Tatyana Kovaleva and Steve Gluckstein. Kovaleva was the 2021 Olympic trampoline coach in Tokyo along with the US coach for the 2012 Olympics. Gluckstein was also an Olympian at the London 2012 Games on trampoline. Mia is now a level 10 gymnast and aspires to become an elite gymnast in the sport of tumbling and trampoline.

Over the past year, Mia has focused on her future career in kinesiology. Working alongside his school’s physical trainer in St. Stephens.

Mia will be attending various camps this summer. She was also invited to work with producers and writers in Nashville.

Instead of a Quincenera party, Mia chose a trip to Italy, which her family will take in late July.

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