Winners of the 14th Annual New Times Music Awards | New Times Music Awards | San Luis Obispo

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Derek Senn, The Big Five-O
The AM, ignite the sky
GhostMonster, New stars, new skies

Best Songwriter
Jody Mulgrew“Fake Gibson”
Derek Senn“The Big Five-O”
Cassi Nicholls“Gravedigger”

Stephen Styles“Burn”
Jolon Station Band“I Kept My Soul”
Lewis & Rose“Simplify”

Ha Keem & Vincent Angelo“Blood Line”
KDG805“Too expensive”

Megan Stoneson,”Mine”
Blythe Berg“The Hour of the Witches”
Brynn Albanian“A Wink to Edith”

susan richie“Cloudy weather”
Chuck Peligroso“Bittersweet Ending”
Megan Stoneson“Come to the house”

Alternative rock
Trapped Like Rats, “Anger Flares”
dead magic“Here comes the wave”
Derek Senn“Texas Legislators”

Jacqui Bomben, “Keep It Low”
… Awkward Silence, “Meeting Room”
11EVAN, “I Know Who Changed”

Readers’ Choice
Cassi Nicholls“Gravedigger”

Best Live Performance
Ha Keem & Vincent Angelo

Local Legend Award
Merrell Fankhauser

Ernie Ball Raffle Winner
Elizabeth Johnson