Tyrese exposed for allegedly blackballing other musical artists

Tyrese exposed for allegedly blackballing other artists? !

A musician by the name of Dee Roze recently slammed the singer-actor for trying to damage his career.

How it all began?

Well, yesterday Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock for the infamous Oscar slap in the face. After the five-minute video that was posted on his social media, other artists gave a lot of support to the King Richard star, and Tyrese was just one of them.

In his comment, Tyrese offered Smith his props not only for his contribution to Hollywood, but also for the humility he showed in taking responsibility for his mistake.

“We all just watched a video with ALL HEART that would never have been uploaded by anyone on this earth like this, but WILL SMITH…” he wrote. “After 3 months [as so much other STUFF has happened in the world] it’s been paused and put in mental, emotional and traumatic jail because when you actually care about people and how you perform them from your WORDS and your CHOICES you lose A LOT of sleep over those same mistakes … »

Tyrese continued, “You are my hero forever and ever and I thank you for growing up in REAL TIME and showing us what it’s like to be the GREATEST MOVIE STAR in the WORLD and then for us. show ALL that you are HUMAN and that you make mistakes too….. The difference is that most won’t apologize!

Roze, whose real name is Dwayne Spikes, saw Tyrese’s words on the situation and took to his Instagram account to share some of her own on the baby boy icon.

Apparently, Tyrese’s “good Samaritan” act didn’t sit too well with Roze, and he had things to get off his chest because of it.

The owner of Alyve Entertainment claimed that Tyrese deliberately did things to ruin his reputation in the industry, and also harassed June’s Diary member Kristal Smith, who was previously signed to Tyrese’s music label, Voltron Recordz. .

“You’re always rushing to social media to soak up someone else’s story or one of your stupid emotional tantrums. You say you’re a real one, right? Well, let’s do let your Hollywood friends know how you kept trying to ruin Kristal and my life,” Roze wrote in the caption. “Let’s tell them how you told him to choose you or me!! [Oh] let’s tell them how you and your manager Isabella shared my dick industry wide after they illegally tampered with my emails dating back 2 years, lied and insisted I was cheating and saying I’m gay in a attempt to steal my publish the songs I wrote on his album.

Later in the statement, he accused Tyrese of having a “God complex” and even called him a “scum” and a “bitch.”

Tyrese exposed for allegedly blackballing other musical artists

Following Roze’s allegations, he also dropped a diss track, titled “The Greatest”.

Tyrese has yet to respond to Roze’s claims. No word from Kristal Smith either.

According to Roze’s LinkedIn, he is also a singer, songwriter, producer and talent scout. Tyrese is recognized as one of the people he has worked with, along with Dru Hill, K-Ci from Jodeci, Tank, Luke James, and Akon, among others.

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