Two Michigan companies team up to create and supply portable recording studios in shipping containers

DETROIT, July 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Two industry market leaders are joining forces to creatively shape the future of audio and media production. Grove Studiosa fast-growing rehearsal and audiovisual production start-up, and Three Squared, Inc.. (TSI), the leader of Cargo Architecture, designs, builds and installs compact rehearsal and recording studios constructed from shipping containers.

“We’re expanding how we support the market, and we’re excited to support the creative industry through this incredible product with Grove Studios,” said Leslie HornCEO of Three Squared.

Known as GrovePods, these innovative 320 square foot studios allow creatives to develop their own projects anytime, anywhere. They provide an instant and convenient space for people to record music, podcasts, etc.

“Part of this vision includes scaling our current studio location to over 200 creative communities worldwide using 24/7 access, modern freight architecture, innovative design and construction and Internet of Things technologies,” said Rick CoughlinChief Vision Officer and co-founder of Grove Studios.

Portable and soundproof

GrovePods are 100% portable and can be built quickly and deployed in most locations. They are built in a controlled factory environment where containers are modified before being delivered.

“With careful coordination, we can erect the structure of a building in hours instead of weeks or months. It’s quite a sight to see a building take shape in a single day,” said Breck Crandelldesign director of Three Squared.

GrovePods provide the optimal space for trapping sounds recorded inside and blocking out unwanted outside noise. As wind and watertight boxes, these studios keep sound from escaping while their mass helps control acoustics.

“The weight of the containers helps isolate sound, so nearby modules won’t be disturbed by noisy performances in each studio unit. We make sure the sound inside the box is perfect for creatives. “said Coughlin, who started Grove Studios with Crandell. and Erich FriebelChief Operating Officer/Co-Founder, in 2016.

Lucrative and Versatile

With ease of travel and off-the-grid power solutions, GrovePods are versatile. They can be a standalone product or integrated into a larger development enterprise to form a creative community.

Grove Studios plans to release future slots that support multiple GrovePods, the first of which will be in Detroit. It also intends to make units available to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

“You can order one to put in your garden as a personal check-in hideaway, or you can put one next to your Airbnb to generate additional income. As secure self-service units with 24-hour access 24/7, GrovePods can be rented. We’ve calculated the numbers a number of ways, and even if we’re looking at 50% capacity, the units pay for themselves within two years,” Crandell said. .

Three Squared and Grove Studios are taking pre-orders for GrovePods, and the units are expected to ship later this summer. Unit renders are available on the Three Squared and Grove Studios websites and social channels.

Grove Studios

Grove Studios is a 24/7 self-service rehearsal, recording and content creation startup located in Ypsilanti, MI. Customers can reserve music, DJ, podcast, photography, video and livestream space and purchase monthly subscription packages online. Grove Studios provides portable, self-contained recording studios built from shipping containers in conjunction with from Detroit Three squared.

three squared

Three Squared, Inc.. is a DetroitA New York-based architecture and design firm whose breakthrough technology uses steel intermodal shipping containers to build eye-catching and resilient mixed-use spaces, condominiums and apartment complexes faster than traditional construction . They help developers create profitable real estate projects whose design and style are limited only by imagination – not by budget.

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Rick Coughlin
Director of Vision and Co-Founder – Grove Studios
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