‘That’s all you got’: Daryl Hall explains why music artists should think twice before reselling catalogs | Ents & Arts News

He is part of a musical duo whose debut album was released almost fifty years ago, who entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who saw one of their songs broadcast over a billion. of times.

So you’d be forgiven for wondering if Daryl Hall might consider selling his back catalog — as we’ve seen many other artists, including Bob Dylan and Calvin Harris, do in recent months.

But the veteran musician told Sky News that wasn’t an option for him – and even if it was, he wouldn’t.

Daryl Hall and John Oates release You Make My Dreams on vinyl. Photo: Mick Rock

“Oh, at first it was sold to me and I didn’t get the money,” he said,

“I got a bit of my edit, but a lot of bad business was done early on – I’m a real rock and roll story when it comes to this sort of thing.”

“Never sell your posts – maybe if you’re, you know, 80 and you decide to retire, you can sell your posts, but I wouldn’t even suggest that then, I don’t believe in that concept, that’s all you got, that’s it.”

Hall is speaking after his longest break from performing in front of live audiences – enforced by the coronavirus pandemic.

He struggles to express how he feels about staying home for months, as it is something entirely new to him.

“I can’t even describe it, it’s the weirdest thing – I’ve traveled all over the world my entire adult life since I got out of college and sat in one place with my cats and that’s it – big deal,” Hall said.

“I drove to my sister’s house, it was my year there, there was 2020.

Hall (L) says he and Oates are staying away from each other.  Photo: Stuart Berg
Hall (L) says he and John Oates are staying away from each other. Photo: Stuart Berg

“It was an experience because like I said, I’ve never done it, never in my adult life, but no, I didn’t like it, I’d rather do what I always do. the low.”

Hall is due to hit the road again in August, with a series of dates across the United States.

As he desperately seeks to get back on stage, he is realistic that it may not be easy to adapt.

“I think a lot of people, not even just musicians, whatever, a lot of people have a hard time re-entering the world and I think that’s even more over the top with what I’m doing,” Hall said.

“You know, I’m going to go from sitting, like I said, sitting with my cats to being in front of how many people and, you know, traveling, so it’s going to be a big change that I have to re-adjust.

“People maybe don’t realize how much I train when I’m on stage and I use muscles, even vocal muscles, leg muscles, arm muscles that play, you know, wrists, and you can’t really replicate that with any type of gym exercise or whatever you do, whatever it is, it’s not quite the same.”

After first meeting in Philadelphia in 1967, Daryl Hall and John Oates worked together successfully for decades, achieving six number one singles in the US, two top ten albums in the UK, three Grammy nominations and even a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But despite all of this together, Hall is perhaps surprisingly tight-lipped about her relationship with her musical partner.

“We stay away from each other,” Hall explained.

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“We ironically call our touring company ‘two-headed monster’, because that’s what we’re not, you know, we’re not a duo in the classic sense.

“We are two people who work together and share this work that we have done together, but we remain separated enough that it does not harm our relationship.”

Fans will be able to get a glimpse of this intriguing relationship in a new documentary the couple is releasing.

Hall says he’s focused on their first South American tour.

“We call it Philly in Chile, which is appropriate,” he laughed.

“And that’s just a little taste of how John and I interact with each other, and it went really well.

“We’re working on releasing it right now.”

The other release the duo has coming up is a special pressing to celebrate Record Store Day 2021.

Their mega-hit You Make My Dreams – which has amassed over a billion streams but has never been released as a single in the UK before – is released on limited edition vinyl.

Hall – who has seen the music industry completely change over the course of his career – says that while he’s sad to see the demise of record stores, in general, he’s enjoyed the benefits of the boom in music. technology.

“In general in life, I like to browse, you know I go to a bookstore, I don’t buy books online, I like that, I like chance, I like the excitement that comes from chance that got a bit lost because you kind of have to access things now, they don’t come to you passively.

“So, yeah, I mean, with every win you lose something, things change and they change.

“But what’s good for me is that the guards have been, what’s the word, muzzled because, you know, the only way to do it when I started was to kiss the butt of a program director, you know, and payola was rampant and you had to deal with arrogant record executives and silly journalists I mean over and over and over but now it’s all straight – it’s just me and the world and people, and I really like that.

“For me, that makes up for all the other things we’ve lost.”

The limited-edition 7″ vinyl of You Make my Dreams will be available for purchase online and in participating stores on June 12.