TetaVi Partners with Anomaly to Engage Emerging Music Artists

Israeli volumetric technology company TetaVi this week announced a partnership with artist growth engine and monetization platform Anomaly Create, to “hyper-engage” music artists through virtual music content using the TetaVi’s volumetric video capture platform.

Volumetric capture creates holograms and other three-dimensional models that can be used to develop realistic augmented and virtual reality videos.

Founded in 2016, TetaVi’s volumetric video capture system generates and brings 3D renderings of people, scenes and performances into the digital space to enable the creation of immersive content and experiences for the Metaverse and Web3. Their technology is powered by proprietary algorithms, AI, and machine learning. TetaVi is globally active and operates studios in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Earlier in May, TetaVi partnered with the LA Kings of the National Hockey League (NHL) to digitize the team’s best players to create immersive content for fans. The company completed a $20 million Series B funding round last August from Insight Partners and Israeli active crowdfunding platform OurCrowd.

Anomaly Create manages emerging artists by leveraging a programmatic ad buying platform powered by an advanced set of data models, AI and machine learning to help grow their fan base, collaborate with the best producers and VFX artists and take advantage of monetization opportunities in Web3 and Metaverse through its platform.

“Our partnership with Anomaly Create is an example of one of the many new music-focused initiatives we have coming to TetaVi,” said TetaVi CEO Gilad Talmon. “As we continue to develop our broader music strategy, we are focused on collaborating with partners who align with our mission to enable and democratize the creation of new immersive content. We love the work Anomaly is doing with those up-and-coming artists looking to enter the Metaverse and Web3. We are excited to be able to offer fans this intimate connection with their favorite artists through creative immersive content.

“It was an easy decision to partner with TetaVi. They have a head start in volumetric technology,” said Steve Miller, co-founder and co-CEO of Anomaly Create. “The capture system is portable, which allows flexibility for our content production and talent capture. The secret sauce is algorithm-based machine learning that can quickly produce beautiful captures without the need for a green screen. We are excited to grow our partnership in the months and years to come as we pioneer this new form of content and innovative ways to interact with our fans.