Ten musical artists you should add to your fall playlist

Autumn music is the music that comes feels as if the weather was changing. These are the songs that warm you up when the weather gets colder. They are immersed in emotion and very comforting. This compiled list of artists features classics and others with specific songs that fit the fall vibe (hot coffee, cozy outfits, and color-changing leaves). Check them!

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney has this unique sound where he starts off slow, and slowly, through the levels of sound and vocals, pulls you in to make the whole song an experience. It fits the fall vibe because it’s soft, there’s levels to his music, and it gives you that deep feeling that kicks in when the weather changes.

Suki Water House

Okay, I recently walked into Suki Waterhouse and she just encompasses those feelings of independence after a breakup. And, for me at least, fall is heartbreaking season!!!!! It’s not even relational. Fall is usually the season when I feel like I’m growing and moving past people and things from the past. For me, Suki Waterhouse gives that feeling a quiet, sweet song to fit it.

Hot red peppers

This one doesn’t even need words. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are “autumn” at heart. It’s easier listening. It is this sweet feeling that autumn gives you. Lighter instrumentals make their music easier to ingest and put in your headphones on your walk to and from class. I suggest the songs “Strip My Mind” and “The Longest Wave”.

Briston Maroney

Briston Maroney equals the cool breeze hitting you as you’re still trying to get home with your windows rolled down. It’s getting out of your hometown and trying to figure things out for yourself. Maroney’s music gives listeners songs to cry and scream and songs to match the background. Overall, the blended heavy guitar instrumentals and Maroney’s more hoarse vocals fit perfectly with the feeling of fall and a nice transition from upbeat summer music to calmer winter music.

Durand Jones and the clues

For me, autumn is often synonymous with soul music. Durand Jones and The Indications give you that sense of soul mixed with R&B with a jazz twist. It’s smooth and slow enough to slow the dance down yet still present enough to play through your headphones as you take your autumn walks watching the leaves change with a PSL in your hand.

Faye Webster

Faye Webster can adapt to any season, but she’s totally a fall artist to me. His voice is soft, the drums are smooth and the instrumentals are melodic. Her songs are about love, heartache and being a woman in love. And, as I said before, that’s what it’s all about. Faye perfectly encompasses that smooth, transitional voice with instrumentals that can lull you to sleep and zen you.

neighborhood watch

Alright, this option is more inclusive for those “sad girl fall” feelings. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a sense of loneliness that sets in in the fall. The Neighborhood Watch gives me similar vibes to Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know.” The music of The Neighborhood Watch is basically the vibe of not knowing how you feel or why, but you know something is going on. Be careful, their music will make you cry (especially their song “AA”).

mac ayres

A softer option than the previous one! Mac Ayres is perfect fall background music. His voice and his instrumentals are soft. If you like LoFi beats, Mac Ayres is the vocal version. His songs are easy to listen to and they are super cool. As fall sets in, so does homework. Try playing with it in your headphones or in your dorm room when you’re doing homework or studying!

Lana Del Rey

Unless you listen to a few select songs, Lana’s music is fall music. I offer you the album “Ultraviolence”. For those of us girls who feel a little lonely in the fall, Lana puts words and music into it. I’ve been listening to Lana since I was in 7th grade, so I’m definitely biased, but I know that once I switch my summer artists to Lana, fall weather is upon us. His music has a deep sadness but a deep love. It’s also very feminine and definitely makes me feel like the woman I am.

the neighborhood

A fall classic. This is another band that I listen to once fall arrives. To fit in with the fall vibes, I suggest the album “I Love You” and “Hard to Imagine The Neighborhood Ever Changing”. I feel like Fall has a very “alternative music” vibe to it, and The Neighborhood fits exactly that. Their “through the phone” type vocals with heavy drums and instrumentals give that alternative feeling that makes the leaves seem like they’re changing.

With the fall weather comes great fall music. Hope these suggestions help spice up your playlist or give you a new artist to listen to! Here is a link to a playlist with some of the songs I suggest from each artist. So grab your PSL, your favorite comfy sweatshirt, and enjoy this fall weather with some great tunes.