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Tributes poured in for legendary music composer Bappi Lahiri from multiple quarters, including members of the film and political fraternities, who called him a wizard and said his death left a void in the music industry. music.

Having made his debut in Telugu cinema with actor Krishna Simhasanam’s first film 70MM (1986), Bappi Lahiri left an indelible mark on listeners. As a songwriter, playback singer, Bappi enriched Telugu cinema with his brand of evocative music that encompassed many genres.

Among all the big stars he collaborated with, his association with Chiranjeevi in ​​films such as State Rowdy, Gang Leader, Rowdy Alludu and Big Boss was another achievement.

Over the decades, his songs have continued to bewitch legions of music lovers, both in the Telugu States and abroad. His compositions as Aakasam lo oka taara, Chiki Chiki Shelam, Vaana vaana veyyuvaye, Chiluka kshemama, Prema Geema, chukkala pallakilo, Musi musi navvulalona, boyavani vetaku, Aa poola rangu, Dikki dikki and Arey O Sambaamong others, still attract generations of his loyal Telugu fans.

Here is a list of Telugu cinema celebrities who remember the outstanding work of the legendary composer.

An unprecedented legacy

All of his songs instantly managed to strike a chord with the masses due to their catchy music. I recreated Bappi Lahiri Garu’s hit song Arey or samba (Inspector Rowdy) in Pataas. However, I only met him during the Action 3D recording sessions for which he rendered a song. He was synonymous with commercial cinema and it was an enriching experience to work with a legend like him.

He was nothing but praise for the orchestration I used in Action 3D and I still cherish those performance moments in front of him at the audio launch event. He will be truly missed and his unparalleled legacy will continue even after his death.

– Sai Kartheek (music composer)

Everyone’s favorite

Bappi Lahiri knows the pulse of the audience so well and each of his songs has different moods and fresh sound. The songs are not only melodious, but also humable. He always made a point of keeping his compositions simple so that even a layman could sing them. He popularized disco music and he ushered in a new sound in the Indian film industry.

I started to admire him when I was a student in class X in Vijayawada. I used to sing Yaar bina chain kaha re on repeat and wondered what his sound technique was. I am lucky to have recorded more than 15 songs for him in several films.

My love for gold ornaments increased after seeing it. I started wearing gold chains, rings and sunglasses like him and people affectionately called me “Andhra Bappi Lahiri” at that time. He used to visit my house in Chennai and liked to eat sweets. Every time I went to Mumbai, I went to see him. He has made immense contributions to our Indian music and his sad passing leaves a void that is hard to fill.

– Mano (music composer, playback singer)

A sensational composer

Bappi Lahiri garu was an iconic music composer. After KV Mahadevan garu, he was one of the sensational music composers, who made a lasting impression in Telugu cinema. He redefined the trend with his unique tunes. After S Thaman garu composed Rum Pum Bum for Disco Raja, he wanted Bappi garu to sing it.

The next day my friend Raghu Ram went to Mumbai and did the recording with Bappi garu in two days. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to record the song with Bappi garu, I’m glad to share the credit with him.

Personally, Aakasam lo oka tara (Simhasanam), Boyavani vetaku, Kunthi kumari (Rowdy Gari Pellam) and his other songs from Gang Leader and State Rowdy by Chiranjeevi garu are my favorites. I am saddened by his death and my deepest condolences to his friends, family and fans.

– Sri Krishna (playback singer)