Swansea’s favorite musical artists revealed – and how much they earn from local fans – Swansea Bay News

Which artists are Swansea’s pick of the pops? New research reveals not only who the city’s favorite musical artists are, but also how much they earn from local fans!

Replay Poker researchers analyzed the size of each artist’s fanbase based on audience information from Spotify and estimated how much an artist earns per year based on the average number of times a fan would stream one artist per month.

Swansea’s most popular artists based on Spotify fans

Ed Sheeran ranked Swansea’s top entertainer with around 6,190 fans in Swansea (269 per 10,000 people).

Taylor Swift ranked Swansea’s 2nd most popular artist with 3,470 fans and Eminem ranked Swansea’s 3rd most popular musician with 3,430 fans.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift headline the BBC’s Biggest Weekend of 2018, playing to packed crowds at Singleton Park, so it’s no wonder their popularity among Swansea fans is still strong .

Rank Artist Fans (total) Fans per 10,000 residents in Swansea
1 Ed Sheeran 6,190 269
2 Taylor Swift 3,470 151
3 Eminem 3,430 149
4 Duck 3,370 146
5 Adele 3,340 145
6 Rihanna 3,210 139
seven Harry Styles 2,820 123
8 Olivia Rodrigue 2,810 122
9 Queen 2,550 111
ten Bruno Mars 2,540 110

How much do these artists earn from their fan base in Swansea?

The average European Spotify user listens to 99 minutes of music per day. If we assume that a fan of each artist listens to an act for just 99 minutes a month, then the likes of Ed Sheeran can generate £8,832 a year in equivalent Spotify revenue in Swansea where he has an estimated reach of 6,000 fans .

Taylor Swift, the 2nd most streamed artist in Swansea, earns around £4,951 from her Swansea fanbase and Eminem, the 3rd most popular musician in Swansea earns around £4,894 from his Swansea fans.

Artist Estimated annual income (£)
Ed Sheeran 8,832
Taylor Swift 4,951
Eminem 4,894
Duck 4,808
Adele 4,766
Rihanna 4,580
Harry Styles 4,024
Olivia Rodrigue 4,009
Queen 3,638
Bruno Mars 3,624

Ed Sheeran himself is not expected to travel to Swansea anytime soon. Fans of his music, however, will be delighted to know that the Grand Theater is hosting Shape of You – the music of Ed Sheeran on Thursday, October 23, 2023.

Ed Sheeran and Swansea’s 7th most popular entertainer, Harry Styles, will soon play at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. Swansea fans may therefore need to take a short train ride to watch their favorite pop stars in person.

(Main image: Harald Krichel / Cosmopolitan UK / Sebastian Vital / Creative Commons 2.0)