Smiley J. The Queen of Best Podcast for Independent Artists

Smiley J.’s platform is a great opportunity for all independent artists looking for more exposure to build a strong fanbase.

In today’s music fraternity, there is a surge in the number of independent musicians who have decided to release their music independently, as opposed to the common use of commercial record labels or their affiliates. Some of these artists have also given up on being discovered.

A Creative Mind – Smiley J from “The Smiley J – Artist Zone” has created an incredible platform largely focused on independent musicians, their music and upcoming events.

“The Smiley J – Artist Zone” was released as a podcast; a space dedicated to independent artists on which they are featured as guests to talk about their most recent and upcoming projects in order to develop a wider fan base among the podcast’s many listeners. The Queen of Best Podcast, “Smiley J,” came up with this idea and became the first host of an all-independent artist audio cast. Some independent artists who have previously been featured on her podcast include: Selina Albright, singer and songwriter Eric Roberson, and many more.

As an avid listener and lover of a wider range of musical genres, Smiley J has just one simple criteria for every guest on her podcast; “You must be an independent artist with music available for purchase on major music streaming platforms.”

Smiley J.’s platform is a great opportunity for all independent artists looking for more exposure to build a strong fanbase.

Podcasting in general has become increasingly popular in the world today. Unlike real radio shows, many listeners are changing their habits and listening more to recorded and live podcasts. This is reflected in the growing number of podcast listeners which was estimated at 120 million listeners in the United States in 2021, with forecasts suggesting a further rise in the coming years. “The Smiley J – Artist Zone” is a medium that should be embraced by any independent artist.

With host, Smiley J, guests are expected to have a cool and fun chat about their musical journey, upcoming performances, and all other interesting areas of their music career. Due to the limited or non-existent ability to sell their music to a drastically large number of listeners, indie artists have a chance with Smiley J’s show to create a shortcut that would help them expand their music to a fan base. wider. This can be achieved through increased online streams and downloads on your music platforms, as long as you have what it takes to hold listeners’ attention.

For any new listeners or independent artists who would like to be featured on this podcast, be sure to tune into your favorite music streaming or podcast platform every Thursday at 7 p.m. ET. Link to listen to the podcast:

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