Rehegoo launches license-free music streaming with emerging artists

Rehegoo has launched a new music streaming service for gyms, health clubs and spas

Rehegoo works with emerging artists to launch their music career

No music license fees required – annual subscription starts from £9.99 per month (+VAT) per location

The musical scope spans from chill to hip hop and has been designed to meet all needs

Music service provider Rehegoo (pronounced Reh-air-go) has launched a streaming service for health clubs, gyms, studios, spas and other businesses that need to play music in a physical space .

The startup, which was founded in 2014 by Italian music producer Marco Rinaldo, works with emerging musical artists, helping them kick-start their careers.

Businesses don’t need to take out a separate music license and prices start at £9.99 per month (+VAT) per slot for an annual subscription, including a 30-day free trial.

“Our music is a perfect fit for the fitness industry,” said Marco Rinaldo, CEO and Founder. “We have a wide range of moods and genres, which correspond to the different activities and treatments available today. Whether chillout for changing rooms, relaxing sounds for wellness treatment rooms or energetic music for the gym floor and studios.

Up-and-coming artists working with Rehegoo include Luly Noir, Ledo and Ezra Faello, who later signed an independent recording contract. More artists are featured individually on Rehegoo’s YouTube channel.

A portion of all fees Rehegoo receives from clients – which currently include Lego, New Balance, Timberland and Venice Airport – goes directly to the artists. “We give early-career independent artists a platform to get their music heard by new audiences that they may not have thought of before or may not have had access to before,” said Rinaldo. “Any artist we work with retains full ownership of their music. They license specific songs to us which our team of music experts can select for use on our services.

The music is available via a new Rehegoo app, on Apple and Android. Rehegoo can also supply gyms and clubs with sound systems and technical infrastructure in place.

“We recognize that different businesses have different needs, but we also know that factors like cost and simplicity are also important,” Rinaldo said. “The best way to experience our music is to sign up for our free trial on the Rehegoo Music app.”