Reebok launches Life is Not a Spectator Sport campaign

In a campaign that combines local talent and digital storytelling, Reebok reminds South Africans that Life is not a spectator sport.

Ponahalo Mojapelo – Model, DJ, Stylist and Writer

The campaign is a partnership with five movement makers who embody what it means to live on the margins. It also harnesses the power of digital storytelling to highlight the potential that emerges when people are driven by their ambition to live their lives their way. The campaign recalls his classic campaign from 1984, under the slogan “Because life is not a spectator sport”.

Almost 40 years later, the message is the same, but the world has changed. The new iteration of the campaign celebrates the ‘Classic Leather’ shoe and the pioneers who made it iconic.

Movement manufacturers

The five movemakers will work with the brand to create content that tells their life story “off the bench” in hopes of inspiring their audience to share their experiences as well.

These creators are:

Each movemaker highlights a different element of South African culture. Whether inspiring young South African women to soar, encouraging young people to channel their talent, or documenting the power and pitfalls of life in South Africa, the intention is to hold a mirror up to the Reebok Movement Maker everyday so they too feel empowered to excel.

“By coming together to share our stories, we can inspire others,” says Keys. For Mojapelo, which was featured in Thebe Magugu campaigns, in vogue and is a regular feature of the local creative community, the excitement is palpable.

“I’m excited about the caliber of people involved in this campaign and to have a seat at the same table with them. “My goal has always been to inspire young girls and women to be bold, daring and proudly different. I’m thrilled to be part of a campaign that echoes that message even further,” says Mojapelo.

Reebok South Africa’s Head of Brand and Omnichannel, Steffi Jones, says, “We want to create real emotional connections with our communities. Partnering with world-class local talent allows us to tell their stories, connect with our communities, and enable the possibility of greatness by “stepping out of the gap”. »

Melissa - Business Pilot and Content Creator

Melissa – Business Pilot and Content Creator

Online digital storytelling

For the South African execution of the campaign, Reebok and Augment Agency connected with Hashtag Our Stories, an online digital storytelling platform founded by “selfie journalism” legend Yusuf Omar, to encapsulate simple and accessible that encourages content from everyday people. Partnership is a crucial element of the campaign.

“After two mostly difficult years, ambitious content has never been more important,” says Aaron Zipper, director of Augment Agency.

“That said, it’s not just about inspiring people to think positively, it’s about equipping them to act. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible if you’re willing to take the plunge,” says Zipper.

Online Creator Summit

Through the five movement creators and an online creator summit, Reebok South Africa will share user-generated content (UGC) of real-life South African stories that embody and reflect the attitude and mantra “ Life is… “.

The Reebok Creator Summit on March 30 is open to all South Africans free of charge and will be hosted in a branded metaverse environment. He will teach participants how to tell their story, how to optimize their creative process and capture quality content using their cell phone. It will also be an opportunity to engage movement makers about their stories and work.

On top of that, a R25,000 booster pack (including R15,000 in financial support) will be up for grabs for participants, encouraging them to step out of the sidelines, put their newly learned skills to good use and submit their own stories for review after the workshop.