Recording Studios Are The New Must-Have Equipment In Luxury Homes – Robb Report

Luxury movie theaters are a staple in high-end homes, but it’s such a passive experience. There is a new amenity that is attracting part of the population looking for a house: recording studios. And it’s a perfect fit for the most creative types out there. The benefits of having an in-house recording studio are obvious to both professional and amateur musicians: you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to make music, you don’t have to schedule time in a recording studio, and you can store all your equipment in one place. And once the time comes to sell the house, the recording studios can easily be turned into guest bedrooms, game rooms, or man caves if the future owner isn’t a music fan.

Some owners decide to start their own studio so they can build it to their exact specifications. In 2012, for example, musician Jed Leiber transformed the two-bedroom guesthouse on his Hollywood Hills estate into a state-of-the-art recording studio. (He later listed the mansion for $50 million.) Others, however, would prefer to buy a home that already had a recording studio. One such possibility is 30333 walk morning view in Malibu, Calif., a six-acre property with a 12,350-square-foot home. In addition to eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and on-site equine facilities, the home features a built-in recording studio that faces the ocean. According to listing agent Mary Tsai Faherty, artists such as Fergie, Incubus, the Black Eyed Peas and John Mayer have all recorded at the studio.

Recording studio in the former home of Tommy Hilfiger.

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Across the country, fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger’s former Connecticut mansion comes complete with a professional-grade recording studio that’s been featured on the MTV show rich girls. The home is currently on the market for $6.75 million. And in Florida, a 31,000 square foot mansion (on the market for $28 million) owned by NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal features a secondary garage with a dance studio and enclosed recording studio. The studio has a bit of boy band history: O’Neal allowed *NSYNC to record their first songs there. “All of our early demos, our early songs, all came from Shaq’s house,” Lance Bass later quipped. told TMZ. Who knows? Your home recording studio could one day host the next big boy band. At the very least, it will be a great place to have a spontaneous jam session with your musical friends.