Mercury: The Mercury Prize: The full list of nominations for the 2022 Music Prizes has been released. Check the details here

Jon Webster and Robert Chandler launched the Mercury Prize as an alternative to the Brit Awards in association with the British Phonographic Industry and the British Association of Record dealers in 1992. Since then, the Mercury Prize has honored British and Irish artists and has gradually risen to the position of the UK’s most prestigious music awards.

Some of the artists and their albums that have been nominated for this year’s award include:

Harry Styles: “Harry’s House” is the name of the album where this pop creation occupied the first place for nine consecutive weeks. Following the trend every year, it’s been over 2 decades since a Pop album last won Mercury. It was a huge following and a wonderful performance that made Harry Styles one of Britain’s top pop artists today.

Sam Fender: The album “Seventeen Going Under” was nominated for this year’s Mercury. The album was to be awarded this year and deservedly so because it’s a musical treat that fans loved. The album outlines life’s journey through life, death, family struggles and social ills in the North East of England. The album topped the charts and showcases the rock genre. Sam opines that it is indeed an honor to have been nominated and that winning or losing it definitely pays the praise where it is due and he is grateful for that.

Little Simz
: This is her second nomination after “Grey Area” which was nominated in 2019. Her album “Sometimes I could be Introvert” was selected for the hip-hop genre where she slips between her personal and public fears. The album has generated a lot of favor among his fans and the music is really fantastic.

Bernard Butler: This is the second shot at the prize, which he last won in 1993 with Suede. This time his collaboration comes with actress Jessie Buckley who won the nomination for her role in ‘The Lost Girl’.

Joy Crookes and Kojey Radica
I: Joy Crookes was static from being nominated for this year’s awards for the Mercury. Since this award celebrates the artist’s achievements in creation rather than commercial success, Joy desperately wanted to get a nomination, which she did. She says she had to go on her own for a while for this feeling to set in.

Other albums fans hoped would come to the Mercury, but did not include Adele’s ’30’, Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’, Dave’s ‘We’re All In This Together’ and Florence’s ‘Dance Fever’. the Machine.

This Mercury Prize will be given to the top artist on September 8, 2022, until then please check this space for more updates.