Korean Music Awards 2022: Airdate, where to watch, nominees and all about the event

As the year-end K-pop award shows are gradually winding down, we have the prestigious Korean Music Awards as the final award show. While other commercial events rely on judges and fan votes to award talented and popular artists, the Korean Music Awards prides itself on recognizing artists simply based on their talent.

The 19th Korean Music Awards are organized by the Korea Popular Music Awards and are sponsored by such figures as the Ministry of Culture and Korea Creative Content Agency. They honor popular K-pop idols and groups as well as non-mainstream artists and groups from other genres. The jury is made up of artists, music critics, representatives of their genres, etc. And they nominated artists from all walks of life, from the likes of BTS and aespa to Lang Lee and The Volunteers.


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Lang Lee (Korean Music Awards website)

Broadcast date and time

The 19th Korean Music Awards will air on March 1 at 6 p.m. KST (4 a.m. ET).

where to watch

The 2022 Korean Music Awards will be held online and streamed live on Korean Music Awards YouTube channel.

Lee Mujin (Korean Music Awards website)

Award nominations

the appointments are divided into general categories and genre categories.

album of the year
AKMU – ‘Next Episode’
Kim Hyun-chul – “City Breeze & Love Song”
UI – ‘Lilac’
Lang Lee – ‘There’s a Wolf’
Cheon Yongseong – “Drowned”

song of the year
aespa – ‘Next Level’
BTS – ‘Butter’
Lang Lee – ‘There’s a Wolf’
Lee Mujin – “Traffic Lights”

Musician of the Year
Kim Hyun Chul
Lang Lee

The Volunteers (Korean Music Awards website)

Rookie of the Year
Lee Mujin

Best K-pop Song
BTS – ‘Butter’
TXT – ‘0X1=Lovesong’ ft Seori
aespa – ‘Next Level’
Weekly – ‘After School’

Best K-pop Album
Boa – ‘Better’
CL – ‘Alpha’
SHINee – ‘Atlantis’
Chungha – ‘Querencia’
aespa – ‘wild’

Best R&B and Soul Song
Hiko – ‘After Time’ with George
THAMA – ‘Blessed’ ft GSoul
Yura – ‘Mimi’
Lee Hi – ‘Head, Shoulder, Knee, Feet’ ft Wonstein
Sumin and Slom – ‘A Difficult Song’

Best R&B and Soul Album
Download (Dvwn) – ‘It’s Not Your Fault’
Sumin and Slom – ‘Miniseries’
Combined Spirit – ‘Circle’
Thama – ‘Don’t Die of Colors’
Sogumm – ‘Precious’
Judd – ‘AMP’

Best Pop Song
UI – ‘Lilac’
Lee Seunghwan and Seonwoo Jungah – “How To”
Wendy of Red Velvet – “When That Rain Stops”
Lee Mujin – “Traffic Lights”

Best Pop Album
UI – ‘Lilac’
Kim Hyun-chul – “City Breeze & Love Song”
Lee Ion – ‘Fragile’
AKMU – ‘Next Episode’
Stop Ceremony – ‘Night Driving’

Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song
Dunmills – ‘The Great Life’ ft Northfacegawd and an uneducated child
Bill Stax – ‘420 Flow’ ft Lobonabeat!
Defeat – ‘Blue Lemonade’ ft Hwaji
Changmo – ‘Taeji’
FROM – ‘Spring Rain’ ft Rakon

Best Rap and Hip-Hop Album
Unofficialboyy and Haifhaif – ‘Net Trap, Awaiting Launch, Capture’
Changmo – “Underground Rockstar”
Sweet Beats – ‘Fragment’
Defeat – ‘Skandalouz’
Choi Lb – ‘Indie Music’

Wabi King (Korean music awards website)

Best Rock Song
Wabi King – ‘Rock & Roll’ with Shun Young
Radio Operator – ‘Lie’
Noise emission – ‘Dance’
Badlamb – ‘Time at Noon’

best rock album
Radio Operator – ‘Aeons of Psy-Key’
Noise Emission – ‘Joy, Flower’
Atom Music Heart – ‘Refugeeism’
Trap – ‘Trap’
Outside – ‘Chilga Sal’

Best Modern Rock Song
Kim Geun-dol – ‘Let’s Dance in the Rainy Street’
Black Sheets – ‘Book, Hello!’
The Volunteers – ‘Let me go!’
Trap – ‘A Corner’
More Wings – ‘Twenty’
Silica Gel – ‘Desert Eagle’

Best Modern Rock Album
Bosu-dong cooler – ‘Sand’
No More Wings – “Borderline Between Hope and Despair”
Volunteers – ‘The Volunteers’
Yang Chang-geun – ‘Wave’
Jannabi – ‘Land of Fantasy’

Best Folk Song
Lang Lee – ‘The Tribulation Generation’
Cheon Yongseong – ‘Barley Tea’ with Kang Mal-geum
Jang Pil-soon – ‘Petrico’
Lang Lee – ‘There’s a Wolf’
Lee Jooyoung – ‘It’s Snowing’ starring Lee Arip

Best Folk Album
Lang Lee – ‘There’s a Wolf’
All tickets – ‘Cosmos’
Jang Pil-soon – ‘Petrico’
Lee Jooyoung – ‘Ballad’
Cheon Yong-seong – “drowned”

Best Metal and Hardcore Album
Slant – ‘1st house’
Crux – ‘Who defines what is divine’
AMBROXIAK – ‘Detritus of the Elysian creation’
Hammering – ‘Libera Me’
Agnès – ‘Change of hegemony’
Spit on My Grave – ‘Necrosis’

Maria Kim (Korean Music Awards website)

Best Jazz – Vocal Album
Golden Swing Band – ‘Golden Rules’
Lee Booyoung – “Love, Like a Song”
Kim Joo-hwan – “My Funny Valentine’s Day”
Korea Jazz Guard – ‘We all started in a jazz club’
Maria Kim – “With Strings: Dream of You”

Best Jazz – Performed Album
Lee Jiyeon – ‘Blue Flower’
Lee Yong-seok – ‘The New Old’
Lee Jihye Orchestra – ‘Daring Mind’
Nam Yoo-sun – ‘Things We Lost and Found’
New box circle – ‘Pseudo science’

Best Electronic Song
Sun Moon – ‘Tom’
Medusa – Go to Gyeongpodae’
Kirara – ‘HRT’
‘Doil city’ – ‘Illumination of the forest’
Company – ‘Song of Hope Baby’

Best Electronic Album
Net Gala – ‘Shin Wave’
Medusa – “Born by Splendor”
Haihm – “Nowhere”
Setting – ‘Ear Indicator’
Lee Soo-ho – ‘Monika’

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