Is there a bump in the Billboard Music Awards?

We take a look at the Billboard Music Awards’ effect on performers and non-performers at the ceremony.

by Rutger Ansley Rosenborg by Chjartmetric How Music Charts

On Sunday, the music world gathered at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA). The goal? Honor elite artists who achieved success on the Billboard charts from April 10, 2021 through March 26, 2022.

According to Billboard, “finalists and winners are based on top fan interactions with music, including digital album and song sales, streaming, radio airplay, and touring, tracked by Billboard and its affiliates. data partners, including Luminate”.

We thought it would be interesting to look at what happens to these key fan interactions in the week leading up to the awards show – maybe a BBMA performance is more fruitful for the artists. than a true award nomination. Or maybe digital signals are limited to overnight or overnight. Our intuition? It depends on the artist.

The interpreters

First, let’s set the scene. The BBMAs featured performances from Burna Boy, Latto, Florence + The Machine, Maxwell, Megan Thee Stallion, Morgan Wallen, Rauw Alejandro, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Silk Sonic.

Becky G also made her BBMA debut on the Xfinity stage on the heels of her new album ESQUEMAS while Ed Sheeran came from Belfast, Northern Ireland, topping the list of BBMA artist-nominees with a place in nine categories.

Miranda Lambert and Elle King performed their song “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home),” making Billboard history the first collaboration between two women to top Billboard’s Country Airplay charts in 30 years.

Travis Scott gave the crowd goosebumps with his performance, becoming the first artist to debut three songs at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in less than a year.

Of course, not every artist would win, and not every nominee was invited to perform.

The non-interpreters

Some of the big names who weren’t asked to show off their musical talent this time around included Taylor Swift, Drake, Doja Cat, The Weeknd and Olivia Rodrigo.

Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift is the most recognized BBMA female artist of all time and won this year’s awards with a place in seven categories, including Top Artist and Top Female Artist. BBMA’s most recognized male entertainer of all time, Drake had more than 30 jaw-dropping wins after last night. Taylor is not far behind….

Doja Cat entered the evening as a finalist in 14 categories, with her collaboration with SZA breaking into a new Top Viral song category. The Weeknd, meanwhile, was a finalist in 17 categories, with his collaboration Ariana Grande responsible for six of those spots.

Finalist in 13 categories, Olivia Rodrigo cemented her stratospheric rise with awards at artist, track and album level.

So how did it all go?


Luckily, the Chartmetric app makes it easy to perform this kind of analysis without too much extra work.

  • First, use the search bar to find the artist you want to watch.
  • Then click Follow on their artist page. This artist is now in your dashboard.
  • Go to your dashboard and add custom tags to separate BBMA artists from the artists you normally follow.
  • From there, toggle the toggle on the # icon at the % icon. Now your dashboard shows you who grew the most over the past week.
  • Start clicking column headers to sort by different metrics and see who came out on top on each platform.

If you want to go further, click on the three vertical dots and export a CSV file to have fun with Excel.

That’s exactly what we’ve done, and we’ve created a custom interactive chart to visualize it for you. When you click on each column header to sort the table, you find….

  • Florence + The Machinethanks in part to the timely release of a new album, had the highest subscriber growth on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Deezer last week (5.27 percent) and the the strongest growth in engagementon Shazam, Wikipedia, Pandora, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube last week (76.17 percent)
  • Burna BoyMeanwhile, rose the most on playlists on Spotify, Apple, Deezer and Amazon: 3.15 percent
  • While we didn’t mention the multiple awards artists like Rauw Alejandro and Morgan Wallen were up for at this year’s ceremony, it’s worth noting that Florence + The Machine weren’t nominated for any. Still, they managed to come in at #1 in subscriber growth (5.27%), #1 in engagement growth (76.17%), and #4 in playlist growth ( 1.71%).
  • Access the interactive whiteboard here
  • It just shows that it’s not just about winning. Engaging audiences is something artists can do with or without music awards, so when attention reigns, there’s nothing like a well-timed, multi-dimensional release campaign to amplify and sustain that attention.

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