Indie Music Artists Bet Big on FanTiger Music NFTs

New Delhi: FanTiger, India’s premier NFT music marketplace, provides a unique opportunity for independent artists to co-create music with their fans by providing an exceptional experience. Apart from helping artists attract more fans, it also allows them to create more music without worrying about resources.

Since its launch in July 2022, six independent artists have launched their music NFTs and received an overwhelming response from their fans. Most of the NFTs were sold out and there was a long queue of fans waiting for more NFTs. These artists include Sunanda Sharma (9-9 Mashukaan), Naalayak (Nusrat), Saaj Bhatt (Pakki Wali Dosti, Sataya Na Karo), Shruti Pathak (Haaniya), Karan Sehmbi (Meri Jaan) and Harvi (Kaale Ghode).

Fans and investors can earn royalties and enjoy cashless privileges when they purchase the recently launched NFT music for an investment as low as Rs 99. Money cannot buy privileges such as, interaction with the access to the NFT Holders Channel, Online Listening Party and more. These music NFTs are based on dynamic pricing – an innovative feature introduced by FanTiger. Fans and investors can see the price of NFT increase as more people invest in NFTs.

FanTiger distributes this song on streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Gaana and Saavn where the song earns money for every stream. If the song is a hit and has earned a significant amount of royalties, the owner of the NFT earns according to their share of the royalty.

Prashan Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of FanTiger, said, “So far, we have launched seven music NFTs on our platform and sold over 5,000 NFTs. Paying in INR or USD is also a game changer as it helps us onboard users who are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of the Web 3.0 wallet. In such a case, we take custody of the asset on behalf of the client through a digital wallet created on our platform itself. Customers can exchange the NFT for cash at any time.

“As we continue to add singers from different musical genres, we’re getting closer to helping artists and their music grow. We’re proud to pave the way for artists to engage with their fans. through digital collectibles (NFTs) in a more meaningful way than just one,” Prashan added.

The concept of Music NFT allows fans and investors to buy partial ownership of the song, share royalty revenue, access to an exclusive community, limited edition signed merchandise, as well as the ability to interact personally with the artist and much more.

FanTiger recently received a $5.5 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital. The company plans to use the funds raised to grow its team in product, technology, expand industry partnerships, and onboard more well-known and aspiring Indian artists.

FanTiger’s vision is to onboard 10 million fans into the community and spread education and awareness around digital collectibles. It will also roll out initiatives to boost the careers of more than 100,000 artists using NFTs. is an NFT music marketplace working to create a decentralized community for artists and their fans by providing a platform to create, buy and sell digital collectibles. FanTiger has raised $5.5 million in a funding round led by Multicoin Capital. Founded by Prashan Agarwal, ex-CEO of Gaana and co-founder of PropTiger, and Krishna Singh, FanTiger enables independent artists to build fan communities on the platform and allow fans to help shape their careers using NFTs musical.