Illenium Wins First-Ever Billboard Music Awards For “Fallen Embers”

Illenium Wins First-Ever Prize at 2022 Billboard Music Awards for “Fallen Embers”

It feels like a moment that was meant to happen since its initial release last year, like earlier this month, Illenium officially won the Billboard Music Awards for Best Dance/Electronic Album with his fourth studio album, ‘Fallen embers.’ “Thank you guys so much. I’ve never won an award before so that’s cool,” says Illenium.

The distinction of the Billboard Music Awards is more than deserved because Illenium has arguably released not only the best album of its career, but one of the best albums of the last decade. Of course, if anyone’s wondering, the Colorado native also has the numbers to prove it. “Fallen embers” made its debut at No. 1 on the Billboard charts with its release on July 31 last year. He drew 34 weeks after its fall, including a top 10 spot on the independent album charts, and debuted at 49 on the Billboard 200 listing.

“Making music for me has always been a really big healing aspect of my life and it’s amazing to share with amazing fans and [to be] here. So thank you very much guys, hope to see you again soon. – Illenium, Billboard Music Awards 2022

Let’s not forget that Illenium beat out some elite talent to win the prize, including Porter Robinson with ‘To feed’ and SOIL RÜFÜS with ‘Give up,’ the category was one of the toughest in years. He now joins an exclusive group of artists who have won this title in the past, such as Zedd, Daft Punk, The Chainsmokers, Lady Gaga, Lindsey Sterling and Marshmallow.

“Fallen embers” is considered a new phase in the history of Illenium but still in the same world as its three previous albums. This is the first project that Illenium has submitted to the independent label 12 tone music since he left Astralwerk Files following the release of his third album, ‘To go up.’

Re-read Illenium’s “Fallen Embers” here or check out his new remix album below.