Iconic moments from the past

Fans are gearing up for this year’s big music night, the MTV Video Music Awards. Each year has brought viewers amazing performances, satisfying wins, fashionable outfits and, of course, unforgettable music videos.

As we prepare for the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, we take a look at 5 unforgettable moments from past awards shows.

Iconic moments from the MTV Video Music Awards

Britney Spears performing “I’m a Slave for You” (2001)

Britney Spears has always strived to present a memorable performance, whether through its choreography, costumes, sets or props. In 2001, she rocked the MTV VMA stage, emerging as a mature, fearless popstar ready to do whatever it takes to entertain audiences. As she sang her hit, “I’m a Slave for You,” she appeared in a cage with a tiger, eventually resting a python on her shoulders. At this point, we knew the days of “Baby One More Time” were over.

Michael Jackson Walks on the Moon All Night (1995)

At the 12th MTV VMAs, michael jackson performed a medley of his greatest hits from “Billie Jean”, “Black or White”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, and more. While his stage presence, vocals and dancing skills were enough to get the crowd rolling, special effects like colored lights, fog and fire lit up the stage. We even got a guitar solo from the one and only Slash.

Lady Gaga’s Legs in a Meat Dress (2010)

Can we hear a little fuss for the dress? Let’s take a look back at how it shocked not just the VMAs, but the fashion world, the pop culture sphere, and the entire country. It was Lady Gaga’s 3rd outfit of the night, where she accepted the video of the year award for “Bad Romance.” Love the dress or hate it, it caused controversy and who doesn’t love a bit of controversy?

Beyoncé announces her pregnancy (2011)

Beyonce likes to drop surprises on the world. Surprise albums. Surprise babies. You name it. When the star took the stage to perform “Love On Top.” During the song, she opened her sequined suit jacket and showed off her baby bump, proving she was pregnant with her first child. blue ivy. The crowd erupted in applause with Kanye West applaud Jay Z. It was a pure moment of happiness and positivity. Now Blu Ivy is 10 years old.

Madonna stuns with “Like a Virgin” (1984)

Madonna shook up the idea of ​​award shows forever with his 1984 performance of “Like a Virgin.” Already pushing against sexual taboos, the singer wore a dress with stiletto heels and a bustier. At one point, she had lost both of her shoes, and while trying to put them back on, she mistakenly flashed the audience.

Instead of hiding from dysfunction, Madonna embraced it, changing the culture forever. We have Madonna as someone to thank for navigating the delicate but important idea of ​​sensuality in music and beyond.

Moments from the MTV Video Music Awards from the Hollywood.com Vault

2007 VMAs Red Carpet

On one of the biggest musical nights for music fans everywhere, Hollywood.com was blessed to be up close and personal with so many stars. Journalist Margi Blash takes viewers on her thrilling journey as she spots icons like Rihanna, Married J Bliged, Adam Lambertand even a young more punk Travis Barker.

This year’s theme followed the return of Britney Spears to the stage, with everyone eagerly awaiting his performance. How time flies, doesn’t it? Now in 2022, fans around the world are celebrating by Britney back to the music industry, singing a duet with Elton John titled “Hold Me Closer”.

2016 VMAs Red Carpet

At this year’s show, Hollywood.com filmed images of stars like Beyonce, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grandeand Alicia’s Keys. There are even interviews with Bass Spear, Fifth Harmony, Joe Jonas with band DCED, Sign Ty Dollaand the 2016 Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team.

Check out more VMA Hollywood.com red carpet footage below.

red carpet 2017

red carpet 2018

red carpet 2019

What do you think of our list? What’s your favorite moment from the MTV Video Music Awards?

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