Grand Forks School System Receives Grant to Fund Music Education Recording Studios – Grand Forks Herald

The Grand Forks School District received a $30,685 grant from the Neel Family Fund to be used for semi-professional educational studios at the two high schools where students can learn to record and produce music.

The KnightRider Recording Studios, which will be integrated with current guitar and band lessons, will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to record large band, choir and orchestral ensembles, depending on the district.

In addition to an Impact Grant from the Grand Forks Educational Foundation, funding for the program at Grand Forks Central and Red River High Schools has ended.

The long-term plan is to introduce a new music production class to Grand Forks Public Schools and provide additional opportunities for project-based learning.

The Neel Family Fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and region. The fund was established by Joe K. Neel Jr. to support music education for children 18 and under in Grand Forks County.

Money from the fund is used to support school music programs; youth groups, choirs and orchestras; summer programs; purchases of music and instruments; and costs associated with visiting conductors and clinicians. Grant funds are intended to be used to augment or supplement music education resources rather than replace or supplant existing resources.

“We are extremely grateful to the Neel Family Fund which supports music education,” Superintendent Terry Brenner said in a press release. “Through this gift, combined with the Grand Forks Educational Foundation Impact Grant, students will benefit from a phenomenal recording studio where they can collaborate and create authentic music while accelerating their passion and their trajectory towards a potential career path.”