Five Up-and-Coming Music Artists Earn a Career Boost

Five up-and-coming artists from the UK and Ireland have been named winners of Fender’s Player Plus Studio Sessions: Powered by Fender.

In partnership with recording studios, Fender offered up-and-coming musicians the chance to win 10 free hours of studio time, their own Player Plus Series guitar or bass, and mentorship from industry pro, Ari Herstand – author of How To Make It In The New Music Business.

Artists had to share videos and recordings of their past performances with a Fender jury.

Over the past six weeks, hundreds of artists from the UK and Ireland have submitted singles, music videos and live performances to Fender for consideration by the global panel, which included CEO from Fender, Andy Mooney ; Fender Vice President of Marketing and Head of Artist Relations, Matt Watts and Mercury Prize-winning, Grammy-nominated vocalist/lead guitarist Wolf Alice, Ellie Rowsell UK.

Today the winners were revealed in Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London and Sheffield with their studio recording experience set to take place before Christmas in time for a new year boosted to their profile.


Dublin’s Lemonade Shoelace wowed the Fender judges with their incredible presence both on stage and on record. Their music charges the senses with colors, rich melodies and sonic textures that embrace the past 50 years of popular music. The band is the project of Ruairí Richman and will record at the city’s famous Camden Recording Studios.


Go To Girl are an indie pop quartet based in central Scotland. Their uplifting lyrics are paired with catchy riffs, rhythmic drumming and bass fusion to create a shimmering summer sound. They will head to Chamber Studio in Edinburgh to record their latest album.


Coastal Sound in Liverpool will host Callum Pitt in the coming weeks. Callum combines folk-tinged alternate riffs with stunning falsetto vocals, a love of group harmonies and organic-sounding recordings, Callum revels in writing stream-of-consciousness songs discussing themes of social significance.


RAK Studios in North West London was founded in 1976 and will open its doors to local outfit, Deuxes. The judges were impressed by the London sisters’ indie soul duo. The pair have a sound all their own, with a mix of bold basslines and soulful harmonies. Expect to be transported with hypnotic guitar riffs and roaring vocals.


The South Yorkshire town is renowned for punching above its weight in the music scene with artists like Arctic Monkeys and Pulp hailing from the area. Steelworks Studios is a key institution in the scene and will host Yorkshire winners Teeff. Teeff produces hazy riffs, hard-hitting drums and bluesy vocals from the depths of Yorkshire, all packed into a live performance that oozes energy.