Emanuel J Receives Best New Male Artist Award at Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair 2022 – Tejano Nation

Emanuel J receives Tejano Music Award at TMA Fan Fair 2022. | Photo: Mariaelena Villarreal

rising star Emanuel J received his Tejano Music Award for Best New Male Artist before his performance at 2002 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair at the historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas on Friday night (March 18).

The singer, originally from Colorado, won the award at the 41st Tejano Music Prize, which was held virtually on television last November. The Texas Talent Musicians Association, the producers of the TMAs, normally present the awards at the following TMA Fan Fair event in March.

Emmanuel J commented: “Ever since I was a kid I’ve been listening to Tejano music, watching the Tejano Music Awards on VHS – some of you kids might not know this – I’ve always wanted to have one. So thank you guys so much for making this possible. Thank you to my fans for all their support. My family, my biggest support system. So thank you guys so much for that, it means a lot.

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The singer-songwriter, musician and producer emerged onto the Tejano music scene in 2018 with Behind The Scenes (BTS) Band, a Tejano group from Pueblo, Colorado. He moved to San Antonio to gain more experience playing with bands like The Dezz, David Lee Garza and Los Musicalesand Bobby Pulido.

Emanuel J released his first solo album, Palabras De Amor, in 2020, which won him the Tejano Music Award for Best New Male Artist. He released his second album, No. II (notnumber to do)on February 2, 2022.

Emanuel J receives Tejano Music Award for Best New Male Artist
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