Celebrate LGBT History Month With This Playlist Featuring Transgender Dance Music Artists – EDM.com

As LGBT History Month draws to a close, a San Francisco-area radio show has curated a playlist of songs by transgender artists who continue to change the sound and change the music industry a output at once.

Entitled “TRANS*CENDENTAL: TRANS*EXCELLENCE”, ADP.FM’s playlist is comprehensive and features music from Honey Dijon, Big Freedia, Pabllo Vittar and many more. It also includes two tracks from the late SOPHIE, a renowned electronic music producer who passed away following an accidental fall in January 2021.

Check out the full “TRANS*CENDENTAL: TRANS*EXCELLENCE” playlist below.

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The LGBTQ+ community continues to fight what seems like a never-ending battle. Their voices are slowly being heard, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Honey Dijon recently launched an Etsy collection in tribute to queer culture with earrings, socks, vases, wallets and more. Earlier this fall, Maya Jane Coles released an inventive film noir that cast her as a queer assassin. The film is heavily inspired by Kill Bill and Kill Eve.

Dirtybird co-founder Worthy recently came out as transgender and said she’s been “living under a veil” all her life.

“I think now is the time for me to be an exceptional defender,” Worthy said. EDM.com. “Right now I’m working on so many things emotionally and it’s kind of hard for me to be a crazy lawyer. I feel like I have to figure out exactly where I’m landing and feel comfortable as a trans person before I started advocating in those ways. But I see that in my future.