UMe Elvis Costello enlisted some of the biggest artists in the Latin music world to create a Spanish language reimagining his second studio effort in 1978, This year’s model. The new album, titled Spanish modelwill be released on September 10 and contains all the songs from This year’s model plusRead More →

Clockwise: The Nitty Gritty Band, Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, The Carter Family, Roy Acuff and Emmylou Harris | Photo credits:,,,,, Many of country music’s most notable artists have come together for a purpose. It’s to make an amazing recording of the timeless melody, “WillRead More →

The versatility of Latin music is unmatched – from Mexican ballads and contemporary bachata to Colombian salsa and Latin pop, the catch-all genre has evolved over time with immense change and growth. Each year the industry continues to grow with up-and-coming talent bringing even more excitement to the Latin musicRead More →

We know how important it is to expose children to music from an early age. Moreover, there are so many amazing children’s music artists helping kids grow in their early development. As we try to diversify our child’s media intake, consider including more musicians representing BIPOC in their daily musicRead More →

A new report from the University of East Anglia has concluded that streaming platforms put independent music artists at a disadvantage, with structural advantages and improved access to playlists allowing major labels to take “the lion’s share of music revenue”. ‘subscription”. The report, titled Music Streaming: Is It a LevelRead More →

As we are well into 2021 now, here are some new Latin music artists to keep on your radar for the rest of the year. On your playlists with Bad Bunny, Karol G, J Balvin, Sech and Natti Natasha, here are 10 Latido Music-approved acts to add to the mix.Read More →

Lyrics: Thomas Stichbury Exciting. Inspiring. Kick ass. Uh, rubbery. Just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe the current wave of LGBTQ+ artists, local and around the world, revolutionizing our soundscape and making sure their voices are heard. In the issue of Attitude March, available to downloadRead More →

If you really appreciate something, you’re willing to sacrifice yourself to keep it. For example: Spending Christmas in Atlanta was not part of my plans. However, I sacrificed time with my family to attend a three-day independent music showcase hosted by Authentic Empire Music Group. After:Rakeem Jones: What would JesusRead More →

Hometown: Gardendale, Alabama Recent project: The country pop single “Shut It Down”, Apple Music radio host The Tiera Show First artist she was obsessed with: Taylor Swift When Tiera first arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, she wondered if her career could follow Taylor Swift’s path. “I was like, I’m going toRead More →

Many aspiring young artists have seen multiple occurrences of other artists being screwed over by record deals. The music industry is structured to take advantage of artists and their value. Even the most famous musical artists struggle with hidden contract details and shady dealings. Maybe you remember the story ofRead More →

Chart-Toppers: 50 years of the best-selling musical artists Fame, fortune and adoring fans – it’s often the dream come true for the world’s most popular musical artists. Thanks to their reliability and creative prowess, these artists not only boasted longevity in their record sales, but they also topped the chartsRead More →