Bluey is the big winner of the APRA Screen Music Awards 2021

Bluey blew the ARIA Albums Chart last year to claim a No. 1 no one saw coming.

On Monday night (February 21), the animated series did it again at the 2021 APRA Screen Music Awards, where Bluey’s music composer Joff Bush won both categories in which he was nominated.

Bush won Best Music for Children’s Programming for Blueyand doubled, this time with co-composers David Barber, Helena Czajka, Marly Lüske, Lachlan Nicolson and Steve Peach, on Best Soundtrack Album. Bluey: the album.

This accolade represents Bush’s first-ever wins at the Screen Music Awards.

With 17 original compositions, Bluey the album debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart in January 2021, becoming the first Australian children’s album to top the chart.

Another first-time Screen Music Award 2021 winner is Brian Cachia, who nabbed Feature Music of the Year for the horror-thriller bloody hell.

Also in the evening, the best original song composed for the screen went to “Bagi-la-m Bargan”, composed by Nathan Bird (pka Birdz), Fred Leone and Daniel Rankine (pka Trials), winners for the first time. of the Screen Music Awards. and written for NITV’s one-hour documentary Look, look, here comes Cookya fresh look at Captain Cook’s legacy from a First Nations perspective.

Watch ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’:

Other winners include Caitlin Yeo (Best Music for a Documentary for Play with sharks), Adam Moses (Best Music for a Short Film for yellow jack), Cezary Skubiszewski & Jan Skubiszewski (Best TV theme for Halifax Retribution) and Roger Mason (Best Music for a Miniseries or TV Movie for hungry ghosts).

The annual awards celebrate composers who have “created the music for the gems of the screen” over the past year, across film and television, documentaries and commercials, as well as those who have made an impact locally and internationally.

the Music On Screen Awards 2021s were delayed due to the pandemic, and the winners were announced without the platform of a physical event.

According to organizers APRA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, the 2022 Screen Music Awards will take place within the usual November deadline.


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Feature Music of the Year
Bloody hell title
Composed by Brian Cachia

Best Music for a Documentary
Title Playing with Sharks
Composed by Caitlin Yeo

Best Music for a Short Film
Title Yellow Jack
Composed by Adam Moses

Best Soundtrack Album
Title Bluey The Album
Consisting of Joff Bush, David Barber, Helena Czajka, Marly Lüske, Lachlan Nicolson & Steve Peach
Published by Universal Music Publishing on BBC Worldwide Limited

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Title Bagi-la-m Bargan from Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky
Composed by Nathan Bird*, Fred Leone & Daniel Rankine^
Published by Sony Music Publishing obo Bad Apples Music Publishing* / Sony Music Publishing obo Blue
Max Music Publishing ^

Best Music for Children’s Programming
Title Bluey
Composed by Joff Bush
Published by Universal Music Publishing on BBC Worldwide Limited

Best TV Theme
Halifax Retribution Title
Composed by Cezary Skubiszewski & Jan Skubiszewski*
Published by Sony Music Publishing obo Beyond Properties / Mushroom Music*

Best Music for a Television Series or Soap
Jack Irish Title
Composed by David McCormack & Antony Partos
Published by Sonar Music

Best Music for a Miniseries or TV Movie
Title Hungry Ghosts
Composed by Roger Mason

Best Music for a Commercial
Title The Untold Story of Isabelle Simi
Composed by Jonathan Dreyfus & Daniel Müller

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia
Composers: Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks
Pros: Masterchef, 20 to 1, Anh’s Brush with Fame

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas
Composer: Neil Sutherland
For: Border Security, Mythbusters, Bondi Vet

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