Birdz and Trials among the winners of the 2021 Screen Music Awards

Birdz and Trials are among the winners of the 2021 Screen Music Awards (SMA), taking home the top prize for Best Original Song Composed for the Screen for their collaborative track, “Bagi-la-m Bargan.”

The winners of the 2021 Screen Music Awards were announced today (February 22) with Birdz and Trials – aka Nathan Bird and Daniel Rankine, respectively – recipients of an SMA for the first time.

Nominated in their category alongside Gordi, Haiku Hands and Alex Lahey (all three also nominated for the first time), Birdz and Trials’ “Bagi-la-m Barga” was written for the NITV documentary Look, look, here comes Cooky.

The hour-long film (as described in a SAM press release) offers a First Nations perspective on the legend of Captain Cook. The direction of ‘Bagi-la-m Barga’ is seen from a Butchalla man who sees Captain Cook passing Kgari (Fraser Island).

Trials himself is a Butchalla Song-man and Birdz, his cousin, sings his part in language.

Listen to “Bagi-la-m Barga” below:

Other notable SAM 2021 winners include composer Joff Bush, who received Best Music for Children’s Programming and Best Soundtrack Album, both for his musical contributions to the children’s program. Bluey. The full list of winners can be found below.

Another first-time winner was Brian Cachia for Feature Film Score of the Year, writing the score for the horror thriller bloody hell.

The 2021 Screen Music Awards winners are:

Feature Music of the Year
Brian Cachia – bloody hell

Best Music for a Documentary
Caitlin Yeo– Play with sharks

Best Music for a Short Film
Adam Moses – yellow jack

Best Soundtrack Album
Joff Bush, David Barber, Helena Czajka, Marly Lüske, Lachlan Nicolson and Steve Peach – ‘Bluey: The Album’

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen

Nathan Bird, Fred Leone and Daniel Rankine – ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’ by Look, look, here comes Cooky

Best Music for Children’s Programming

Joff Bush- Bluey

Best TV Theme
Cézary Skubiszewski and Jan Skubiszewski – Halifax Retribution

Best Music for a Television Series or a Soap

David McCormack and Anthony Partos – Irish Jack

Best Music for a Miniseries or TV Movie
Roger Mason – hungry ghosts

Best Music for a Commercial
Jonathan Dreyfus and Daniel Müller – ‘The Untold Story of Isabelle Simi’

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia

Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks- Chef, 20 to 1, Anh’s brush with fame

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseass
Neil Sutherland– border security, Mythbusters, Bondi Veterinarian