2022 Eddies Music Awards Nominees Announced, Ceremony To Be Held at The Proctors – NYS Music – NYS Music

The nominees for the fourth annual Eddies Music Awards have been announced, with an in-person ceremony scheduled for April 24, 2022 at Overseers Theater in Schenectady.

There are more than 210 finalists in 36 categories honoring the work of 2021. Nominations and votes are determined by a panel of judges who represent the local community.

The Eddie Music Awards ceremony will return to the theater after a two-year absence, as it was postponed twice due to the pandemic. It was eventually broadcast live and last year’s show was able to have a small audience. Co-founder and producer Jim Murphy is thrilled to be back:

It was important that we continued to shine a light on the local music scene, even if it was small. This year, it’s the return to a life-size party. We hope the whole music community will come together.

NYS Music is proudly nominated for Arts Publication of the Year, with Zach Culver nominated for Best Photographer of the Year and Alain Clerine nominated for Best Writer of the Year.

Eddies Music Awards tickets are on sale now.

Solo or Duo Artist of the Year
Jive Buggy
Girl Blue
Dave Maswick and Joel Brown
Om Quillio
Sean Rowe

Solo Artist or Duo of the Year (reprises)
Rick Bolton and Jackie Dugas
Jeff Brisbin
Steve Candlen
Sten Isachsen and Maria Zemantauski
Rich Ortiz
Maurizio Russomano

Party Cover Group of the Year
Diva and the Dirty Boys
Mixed roots
Off The Record
soul session

DJ of the year
DJ ketchup
DJ show
Intel Hayesfield

Country/Bluegrass Artist of the Year
Brule County Bad Boys
Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys
The cheeky Willies
Red haired aliens
three quarters north
Marty Wendel

Country Cover Group of the Year
Beat the odds
Courtney Shayne: A Patsy Cline Experience
EB Jeb
Skeeter Creek
Stony Creek Band
whiskey highway

American Artist of the Year
Annie and the Hedonists
The lazy suns
Lost radio curves
Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter
The Nocturnal Troubadours

Rock/Pop Artist of the Year
dark honey
Jocelyn and Chris
Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band
super 400
Under the Lair
Guardian & Co.

Alternative/Indie Artist of the Year
curious comet
Sean Rowe
The sea The sea

Folk/Traditional Artist of the Year
Dan Berggren
drank the gold
Reese Fulmer
John Kirk and Trish Miller
Michael Jerling
Caroline Shapiro

Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year
Chaps B
Mike Larry Draw
Sime Geezus
Master of Ceremonies Graffiti
JB!! aka Dirty Moses

Jazz Artist of the Year
Joe Barna
Bright red dog
Saratoga hot club
chuck lamb
Dylan Perillo
Colleen Prat

Punk/Hard Rock Artist of the Year
After the fall
Ambulance Candy
Fine grain
Prince daddy and the hyena
vicious child

Metal/Hard Rock Artist of the Year
bad mothers
Brick by brick

Jam Band of the Year
Anne in the water
glass pony
Let’s be Leonardo

Blues Artist of the Year
Amy Ryan Group
Cookies and gravy
George Fletcher’s Blues Band
Matt Mirabile and Alison Jacobs
Mark Tolstrup and Jill Burnham

RnB/Soul/Funk Artist of the Year
Anneice Cousin
The electronic block
Jive Buggy
Ali Whistle
Victory Soul Orchestra

Electronic Artist of the Year
Madeleine Darby
Kraft Fox
SM ink
PJ Katz
Soo do koo

Classical Artist / Ensemble of the Year
Albany Symphony Orchestra
Albany Pro Music
Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra
Ma’alwyck Musicians
Saratoga Opera
Schenectady Symphony Orchestra

World Music Artist of the Year
Taina Asili and La Banda Rebelde
Jordan Taylor Hill
Sten Isachsen and Maria Zemantauski
Mixed roots
Alex Torres and his Latin orchestra

Best venue Small (up to 299 people)
Cafe Lena
The Shed on the Hudson
The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
The Linda
9 Maple Avenue

Best Medium venue (300-999 people)
Cohoes Music Hall
the egg
Room of the larks
Putnam Square
The Strand Theater
Van Slyck (Rivers Casino & Resort)

Best Large Venue (1,000+ People)
empire live
Palace Theater
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Times Union Center
Troy Savings Bank Music Room

Presenter of the Year
A small booking agency LLC
Guthrie Bell Productions
Step up the giveaways
sugar production
Super Dark Collective

radio of the year

Radio DJ of the Year (terrestrial or streaming)
Wanda Fischer (WAMC)
Art Fredette (RadioRadiox)
Sime Geezus (WSPN)
Andy Gregory (WEXT)
Bill McCann (WCDB)
Jeff Morad (WEQX)

Record Label of the Year
Cacophone records
Equal vision
Orchestral recording company
Magnetic eye recordings
Paintbox recordings
Upstate Records

Live Production Team of the Year
824 productions
Denis Entertainment Group
Sound of high peaks
Live Sound Inc.
Specialized Audio-Video Inc.

Music Recording Studio of the Year
Fool’s Hill Music
Studio Jim Mastrianni
Grindstone Studio
NRS registration

Arts Publication of the Year (Print, TV or New Media)
NYS Music
Preview (Times Union)
Spot 518
The ticket (daily newspaper)
Monthly experience

Music Journalist of the Year
Alain Clerine (NYS Music)
RJ DeLuke (Times Union)
Michael Hallisey (The Spot 518, Nippertown)
Indiana Nash (Daily Newspaper)
Liam Sweeney (Monthly Xperience)
Don Wilcock (Nippertown)

Music Photographer of the Year
Stephanie Bartic
Frank Cavone
Zach Culver
Jim Gilbert
Rudy Lu
Andrzej Pilarczyk

Songwriter of the Year
Girl Blue
Reese Fulmer
Jive Buggy
Sara Milonovitch
Lecco Morris and Justin K. Rivers
Sean Rowe
Russell the Leaf
Guardian Seth

Music Video of the Year
Like Iz – “Steve Nover Is Here (Infinite Cha Cha)”
Buggy Jive – “Tip Toe”
Don Ferlazzo – “Look at Me Now”
Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band – “Renegade Love”
Jocelyn & Chris – “Sugar and Spice”
SIRSY – “Astronauts”
Les Troubadours Nocturne – “You Are Not Alone”
The Sea The Sea – “Stumbling Home: Oil on Paper”

Disc of the year
Dan Berggren – “Imagine That”
Jocelyn & Chris “- Sugar & Spice”
Erin Harkes – “New Year’s Day”
Kate McDonnell – “Ballad of a Bad Girl”
Mike McMann – “True”
Daddy Prince and the Hyenas – “Curly Q”
Sean Rowe – “Squid Tattoo”
Carolyn Shapiro – “Honeydew Melon”

album of the year
Bright Red for Dog – “In Vivo”
Candy Ambulance – “Hard-Boiled”
Reese Fulmer – “It’s All A Dream”
Sime Geezus – “Shadow of Death”
Buggy Jive – “You Won’t Like the Answer”
Mike McMann – “True”
Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter – “Northeast”
Sean Rowe – “Darkness Clothed in Colored Lights”
Marty Wendell – “Risky Business”