2022 ceremony names four double winners

ARPA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) have announced the music creators who have won top honors at the 2022 Screen Music Awards.

On her first outing as a Screen Awards nominee Saliana Seven Campbell won Feature Music of the Year for Original Score for The Herdsman’s Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson (written, directed and performed by Leah Purcell). The multi-instrumentalist and arranger used fiddles, banjos, mandolins, piano and electric guitars to create a soundtrack to match the powerful energy of the film.

Salliana Seven Campbell, 2022 Feature Film Music Winner (Photograph by Rick Clifford @rcstills)

Caitlin Yeo won two wins for his work on New Golden Mountain, the revisionist western set in the gold mining era of 1857 Ballarat, largely from the perspective of Chinese gold miners. Featuring a mix of strings, traditional Chinese instruments, a mix of percussion, and even a gold pan as a percussion instrument, Yeo received awards for Best TV Theme and Best Music for a Miniseries or TV Movie.

The didgeridoo player and composer wins his first-ever Screen Music Awards William Barton and Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra Richard Tognettiwith who Piers Burbrook de Vere have released Best Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture River and Best Original Song Composed for the Screen with Spirit Voice of Enchanted Waters of River.

Screen Music Awards

Double winners of the 2022 Screen Music Awards William Barton, Piers Burbrook de Vere and Caitlin Yeo

The musical partnership of Antoine Partos and Matteo Zingales again impressed the jury with his on-screen chemistry, winning Best Music for a TV Series or Series for their collaboration on Total controlthe acclaimed political drama series starring Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths.

Composer Hylton Mowday won Best Music for a Documentary for the Emmy Award-winning Australian doco Puff: Wonders of the Reef. Netflix’s first original Australian documentary, which won the Emmy for Best Nature Documentary, follows a baby puffer fish through the Great Barrier Reef as it learns to survive and thrive throughout its premiere. year of life.

Accomplished screen composer Nerida Tyson Chew won the 2022 award for best music for children’s programming for the abyssan animated series for children broadcast in more than 200 countries.

The prize for best music for a short film goes to the composer of the screen Guillaume Hughes who wins his first prize for Still life. Also scoring his first Screen Music Award is Lance Gurisik who composed the best music for an advertisement for Destination NSW: Feel New.

Out the best performing categories are Adam Gock and Dinesh Wickswhose collaborations on MasterChef, Anh’s Brush with Fame and Beauty and the Geek Australia sees them named Australia’s Most Performed Screen Composer, an award they won for the ninth time. Record screen composer Neil Sutherland is the most performed overseas screen composer, now for an incredible 15th consecutive year for his work on Border Security, MythBusters and Bondi Veterinarian.

revered composer Nigel Westlake received the Distinguished Services to the Australian Screen Award for his work across film and television. His long-time collaborator, director, producer and screenwriter Robert Connoly was on hand to hand over the honour.

The 2022 Screen Music Awards were co-hosted Akina Edmonds, Anne Edmonds and Aaron Pedersen and presented musical performances of the pieces nominated for Feature Film Music of the Year conducted by Music Director Jessica Wells. Two-time winner William Barton played how we feel from River soundtrack. To close the ceremony Fred Leon and gospel vocal ensemble gospo (accompanied by William Barton on the didgeridoo and the Screen Awards Orchestra) paid a special musical tribute to the late Uncle Jack Charles and Uncle Archie Roach with an interpretation of song to singcomposed by Archie Roach.


Distinguished Service at the Australian Screen Award
Nigel Westlake

Feature Music of the Year
Title: The Herdsman’s Wife The Legend of Molly Johnson
Composed by Saliana Seven Campbell

Best TV Theme
Title: The New Golden Mountain
Composed by Caitlin Yeo
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP

Best Music for a Television Series or Soap
Title: Total Control
Composed by Antony Partos & Matteo Zingales
Published by Sonar Music

Best Music for a Miniseries or TV Movie
Title: The New Golden Mountain
Composed by Caitlin Yeo
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing obo Lillipilli IP

Best Soundtrack Album
Title: River
Composed by Richard Tognetti with William Barton* & Piers Burbrook de Vere
Posted by G Schirmer Australia*

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen
Title: Spirit Voice of the Enchanted Waters from River
Composed by William Barton*, Piers Burbrook de Vere & Richard Tognetti
Posted by G Schirmer Australia*

Best Music for a Documentary
Title: Puff: Wonders of the Reef
Composed by Hylton Mowday
Published by We Love Jam Studios

Best Music for a Short Film
Title: Still life
Composed by Will Hughes

Best Music for Children’s Programming
Title: The depth
Composed by Nerida Tyson-Chew
Published by A Stark Production

Best Music for a Commercial
Title: Destination NSW: Feel New
Composed by Lance Gurisik
Published by Massive Publishing

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia
Composers: Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks
For: MasterChef, Anh’s Brush with Fame, Beauty and the Geek Australia

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas
Composer: Neil Sutherland
For: Border Security, MythBusters, Bondi Vet

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