The versatility of Latin music is unmatched – from Mexican ballads and contemporary bachata to Colombian salsa and Latin pop, the catch-all genre has evolved over time with immense change and growth. Each year the industry continues to grow with up-and-coming talent bringing even more excitement to the Latin musicRead More →

“It’s been a good year,” Dave said, mentioning albums by established names like Tinariwen, Natacha Atlas, Mamadou Diabate. I agreed, thinking of the Poly-Rhythmo Orchestra reunion, and also considering the anonymous Ethiopians recorded by Olivia Wyatt for watch the sun and the Scots of Whaur the Pig Gaed on theRead More →

Throughout history, humans have relied on music to tell stories and bring people together. Rolling Stone and Can-Am are embarking on a road trip to shine a light on the artists, venues and recording studios that carry on the legacy of storytelling today. We call the Common Tread project. JoinRead More →

The Greatest Country Music Albums of All Time If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, country music might just be America’s favorite music genre. Country music has deep roots in America, and different country artists have taken the genre in new stylistic directions. Ray Price toyed with the beat, Willie NelsonRead More →