The versatility of Latin music is unmatched – from Mexican ballads and contemporary bachata to Colombian salsa and Latin pop, the catch-all genre has evolved over time with immense change and growth. Each year the industry continues to grow with up-and-coming talent bringing even more excitement to the Latin musicRead More →

“It’s been a good year,” Dave said, mentioning albums by established names like Tinariwen, Natacha Atlas, Mamadou Diabate. I agreed, thinking of the Poly-Rhythmo Orchestra reunion, and also considering the anonymous Ethiopians recorded by Olivia Wyatt for watch the sun and the Scots of Whaur the Pig Gaed on theRead More →

Throughout history, humans have relied on music to tell stories and bring people together. Rolling Stone and Can-Am are embarking on a road trip to shine a light on the artists, venues and recording studios that carry on the legacy of storytelling today. We call the Common Tread project. JoinRead More →