CHICAGO, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Type One Studios is the brainchild of Adam Beck and Evan Weissa fantastic recording studio in Chicago, Ill.. Sporting a large collection of recording equipment, instruments and amplifiers, the studio is well equipped for all sorts of projects. The studio’s productions, which Mr. SmallRead More →

Pirate, whose revolutionary self-service studio model has become the UK’s largest network of recording facilities, launched in the US after 12 months of planning. With the opening of new studios in Los Angeles added to the three recently opened in New York, Pirate’s affordable, keyless, contactless and 24-hour accessible conceptRead More →

SugarHill Studios co-owner Ryan Youngblood runs what is essentially a state-of-the-art tube factory. HOUSTON — So many musical artists have scored hits at SugarHill Studios in the Third Ward. SugarHill is the oldest continuously operating studio in the country. SugarHill Studios co-owner Ryan Youngblood runs what is essentially a state-of-the-artRead More →

We know how important it is to expose children to music from an early age. Moreover, there are so many amazing children’s music artists helping kids grow in their early development. As we try to diversify our child’s media intake, consider including more musicians representing BIPOC in their daily musicRead More →

A new report from the University of East Anglia has concluded that streaming platforms put independent music artists at a disadvantage, with structural advantages and improved access to playlists allowing major labels to take “the lion’s share of music revenue”. ‘subscription”. The report, titled Music Streaming: Is It a LevelRead More →