10 of the best and most expensive recording studios in the world

The benefits of a well-equipped studio go beyond the music. While portable and home studios are an option, artists prefer the team of producers and engineers in a professional studio to help with any creative or technical issues. A recording studio is a place where iconic songs are given the right direction. Each studio has a different feel and history embedded within its walls, from legendary artists and bands like the Beatles and Michael Jackson to new hitmakers like Adele and Beyoncé. Studios are only presented to artists based on the speakers, mics and instruments they need. They are also a great way to inspire artists to create their home studios.

From the best studios in the star city of Los Angeles to legendary recording studios in London, every great artist has recorded a session in these studios. Let’s take a look at the best recording studios in the world.

ten Hans Zimmer’s studio

The composer has a huge recording studio in Los Angeles where he composed hits like The Lion King, Inception, Interstellar and more recently Dune. His studio has 19th-century Venetian architecture and all the gadgets needed to produce Oscar-worthy musical scores.

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9 Capitol Studios

Frank Sinatra was the first artist to record his music at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. It was built in 1956 and only artists signed to the label were allowed to compose music on the stand. However, the rule was changed in 1968, as noted Musical getaway. The studio has production suites, echo rooms, three studios, and mastering services for musical artists.

8 Electric Lady Studios

Electric Lady Studios in New York is one of the most recognized studios in the city. Jimi Hendrix founded the studio in 1970, and it’s been operating out of Greenwich Village ever since. Artists such as Stevie Wonder and Blondie have had recording sessions here. He is known for his funky aesthetic and electric artwork.

7 Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios in London, the largest purpose-built studio, was just a nine-bedroom house in 1829 before the Gramophone Company bought it in 1928. This recording studio had sessions with the Beatles and Pink Floyd, as stated Cine samples. The nearly 90-year-old legacy has also witnessed orchestras for films such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

6 German Studios

Established in 2008, Germano Studios is a two-studio facility founded by Troy Germano in New York City. The studio has attracted many A-listers like Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey. It will not be a surprise to see artists jostling. Once, John Mayer and Travis Scott were recording music at the studio and met to create impromptu music for one of Scott’s songs.

5 Recording studios

Originally opened in 1968 in New York, it then moved to Los Angeles the following year. The studio is known for its camps, where artists can take control of multiple studios simultaneously for their recording sessions. Kelly Clarkson, Zayn Malik and Fleetwood Mac are a few artists who have recorded their music here.

4 Metropolis Studios

Metropolis Studios offers the best range of music mixing and tracking. According to Billboard, Queen were one of the first major bands to record music at the London studio. It was established in 1989 and the studio is said to have an inspiring air due to the legends who have played there. Drake and Adele are among recent artists who have recorded their albums at the studio.

3 Conway Studios

Conway Studios is a family-operated space that offers an outdoor garden for a quick break. Located in Los Angeles, it has become a go-to studio for The Weeknd, Lorde, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake. As a family owns the studio, all issues can be resolved without the involvement of third parties like financial bankers.

2 Blackbird Studios

The most intriguing studio on the list, Blackbird Studios, is located in Nashville, Tennessee. As mentioned by Sonic Auctions, the studio’s wooden dowels contribute to the acoustics. The improvement in acoustics came when John McBride wanted to install a vocal booth. The studio has eight studios for each style of music. Artists such as Taylor Swift and Keith Urban recorded their albums here.

1 Aerial Studios

There is nothing more legendary than Air Studios. Artists dream of recording their music in this London studio founded by Sir George Martin, the producer of the Beatles. Air Studios moved to central London in 1970. Artists like Elton John and John Williams recorded their music in the studio. There were over 70 studio albums recorded in the first decade. Today, the venue records film scores for films such as Les Miserables, The Life of Pi, Batman Begins, and The Da Vinci Code.

Some of the other notable studios are Allaire Studios, Orbit Audio, Criteria Recording Studios. Equipped with the finest gadgets and amenities artists need, these recording studios have become iconic for their services and the artists who have graced the venues. Artists fulfill their dreams by recording music there and contributing to the legendary story.

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