10 Classical Music Albums That Will Make You Love Nu Metal

Since 2008, nu metal has tended to be considered a dirty word in the world of rock and roll. And it’s not hard to see why either, since most giants of the era released songs that were too whiny or too dumb for their own good. If you forget an entire genre like that, you’ll end up throwing away a lot of music that could have been pretty good.

Between the grittier acts that have come and gone like Staind or Puddle of Mudd, there have been just as many artists ready to take the genre in new directions, whether in terms of sound or how far they might go. . Granted, if you’re looking to get people into the genre, you’re going to have to have some pop hooks every once in a while. You might call it selling, but it’s about something more than making the ultimate angry white boy song.

It’s the kind of weird turns in the nu metal community that could bring the uninitiated into the genre, and you need those hooks to wrap them around. The rock world was becoming a different place in the late 90s, and it was albums like these that brought people’s attention to all the things you could do by fusing metal, hip hop and music together. electronics under one roof.

There’s probably a bunch of people who only remember Drowning Pool these days for the memes. While people might have liked their songs back then, it sounded more like the band that was supposed to soundtrack WWE walkouts and nothing more. And while they’re right, Drowning Pool gave us something we hadn’t heard before in nu metal: fun.

While not every song is sunshine or anything, the grooves here are a lot stickier than you probably remember, with Dave Williams having an impressive scream over him at the best of times. It was around this time that nu metal was starting to find its swagger, and you can hear Dave was looking for something a little more than lamenting about his unhappy childhood.

Admittedly, there’s still a bit of hilarity that comes with listening to something like Bodies these days, especially with the kind of Monster energy endurance that goes on in the video. It was the start of something good, only for the band to drop the quality a bit once Williams tragically passed away a few years after that album was released. It might be far from the best nu metal has to offer, but it at least showed the potential for the angry white boy to have some fun once in a while.