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Living the production journey

Open collaboration to achieve oil and gas development and mature oil field redevelopment production performance goals

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Open Collaboration For Asset Performance Enhancement
We are ready to collaborate with you to produce the full potential of your assets.

Living the Production Journey: optimizing field development planning through open collaboration

Open collaboration means that your goals are our goals for whatever the asset is and wherever it is in the production ecosystem. Together we’ll unlock the full potential of each asset at every life cycle phase, at any scale, and in any context with an emphasis on safety and sustainability.

Whether you need support toward reaching your carbon-neutral targets or to monitor the total asset journey and digitally connect your diverse data streams and discover more value opportunities, Schlumberger teams with you. We integrate industry-leading technology solutions with deep domain expertise to generate value responsively, economically, predictably, and dynamically for the life of the asset.

Wherever you are in the production journey, from feasibility study or pre-FEED early engagement through abandonment, we are ready to collaborate with you. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting the optimal technology for your project, configuring it for your conditions, delivering it so you meet schedules, and producing the full potential of your assets, reliably and efficiently.

Working for Mutual Value Insights panel

Collaboration: A Win-Win Relationship

Sarah Gay of bp joins Donnie Ross of Schlumberger in a panel discussion explaining how open collaboration has added value and helped to manage change and risk in energy projects.


A mutual production focus enabled by collaboration

Our continuous collaboration framework revolves around you and your goals—and your specific physical and economic requirements. We understand that your requirements change with the dynamics of energy price volatility, access to capital, and the energy transition. That’s why our truly fit-for-basin solutions rely on close collaboration and our capabilities throughout the entire production ecosystem to ensure that we meet your performance needs with the right combination of people, digital and physical technology, and service execution.

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Q3: Select Your Technology
Panelists explain how SLB adds value for operators as they select technology for their assets.

Select the optimal development option after high-grading development scenarios

Optimization of field production and ultimate recovery for the lowest total cost and lowest emissions begins with engagement early in the project life cycle. Your collaboration with reservoir, technology, and production engineering experts is enhanced through the use of industry-leading digital field development planning software. By leveraging reservoir and field production engineering knowledge combined with digital capabilities, we lower risk and create leaner, cleaner solutions throughout your production journey.

Q4: Configure for Success
Panelists explain how SLB adds value for operators as they configure technology for their assets.

Configure and refine development options as uncertainties are resolved by improved quality of information

Optimize the design of your project to avoid high capex and opex during the production phase. This is accomplished by integrating field-proven standard and configurable equipment and cutting-edge technologies to accelerate field development decisions and agile engineering. The result is fit-for-purpose solutions designed to meet your challenges and align with reservoir conditions.

Q5: Deliver to Accelerate Production
Panelists explain how a global footprint and local presence enable SLB to accelerate project execution.

Deliver commercial volumes and quality of oil and gas to the market to meet your stakeholders expectations

First or incremental oil and gas is achieved faster using flexible workflows enabling concurrent project execution. As your trusted partner for delivering predictable outcomes, we constantly strive for outstanding service quality in maximizing reservoir deliverability. By combining state-of-the-art manufacturing, unrelenting interface management, and world-class project management supported by data and insight, we cut delivery times and increase project delivery certainty.

Q6: Maximize Returns During Production
Panelists explain how SLB helps operators maximize returns when they start producing from their assets.

Field operations spanning from early field development to management of declining production in mature fields

Optimized production and recovery at the lowest cost and lowest carbon per barrel depends on high-integrity, high-reliability services and equipment to not just maintain but increase uptime. We collaborate with you to update and refine reservoir models via digital connectivity, monitoring, surveillance, and data insights combined with local expertise to ensure asset performance. Production is further improved with enhanced oil recovery field planning and development strategies that reduce waste and emissions while improving safety—for the life of the asset.

Full-field development solutions landscape

Early Engagement Is Key to Reducing Environmental Impact

Begun early, open collaboration to understand project drivers, assess options, and design the solution that best fits your project needs means that the right technology is deployed in the right way to maximize high performance sustainably throughout the life of the asset.

Learn about full field development solutions

Wellhead Systems

Reduce installation time and enhance safety in any operation—from geothermal wells to jackup rigs to unconventional plays.

Well Completions

Optimize the critical connection between the well and the reservoir with technologies that access, manage, stimulate, and monitor production for maximum recovery.

Production Systems

Achieve full, long-lasting value for your asset with fit-for-purpose artificial lift, metering, valves, subsea equipment, chokes, and safety systems.

Production Chemistry

Apply pioneering chemical and process solutions, equipment, and software for flow assurance and asset integrity in oil and gas applications.

Processing & Separation

Deliver more export-quality oil and gas with efficient, comprehensive oil, gas, water, and solids solutions wherever you need them.

Well Intervention

Extend the life of producing wells by improving performance or providing access to stranded or additional hydrocarbon reserves.


Improve efficiency and reliability from field separation and gathering through processing and transmission with optimized valves and measurement solutions.