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Well Completions

Maximize oil and gas recovery by optimizing your connection to the reservoir

Schlumberger Completions

Maximize recovery with technologies to access, manage, stimulate, and monitor production

Whether you need a simple stimulation treatment or a digitally enabled intelligent completion project in a challenging downhole environment, you can trust Schlumberger hardware solutions, integrated services, digital systems, and project management.

FORTRESS premium isolation valve
    • BluePack Ultra RH MP
      Robust sealing technologies

      Manage production or injection with reliable packers designed for your reservoir and completion. View

    • Manara production and reservoir management system
      Intelligent Completions
      Real-time reservoir monitoring and production control

      Optimize recovery with digital data and production control that minimize interventions and help you manage water and gas production. View

    • Safety Valves
      Subsurface Safety Valves
      Dependable technology for maximized well integrity

      Seal your well with reliable wireline- and tubing-retrievable safety valves that suit your well and reservoir conditions. View

    • FracXion Micro fully composite frac plug
      Frac Plugs and Sleeves
      Reliable multistage completion technologies

      Optimize your well with flexible plug-and-perf designs with frac plugs or efficient continuous operations with frac sleeves. View

    • Liner Hanger
      Liner Hangers
      Improved well construction efficiency

      Enhance well integrity in applications from deepwater to land with cemented, uncemented, and expandable liner hangers. View

    • OSMP OptiPac Service Mechanical Packer
      Sand Control
      Reservoir sand and fines management

      Extend well production with gravel- and frac-pack services, fluids, screens, ICDs, and tools for openhole and cased hole wells. View

    • Abstract render of a multilateral system with blue wells and glass reservoirs tagged with the Footprint Reduction icon
      Rapid Multilateral Systems
      Expanded reservoir exposure

      Increase reserves access with laterals that enable well reentry and expansion while minimizing surface costs. View

    • Permanent Downhole Gauges
      Permanent Downhole Gauges
      Manage your reservoir with real-time digital data

      Metris permanent monitoring systems represent a step change in real-time reservoir and production surveillance. View

    • Permanent distributed measurement systems
      Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems
      Insight for rapid reaction to reservoir changes

      Monitor with distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems. View

    • Isolation Valves
      Isolation Valves
      Wellbore and reservoir fluid isolation

      Minimize formation damage by containing fluids during completion, drilling, and workover operations. View

    • Tempo perforating guns being fired.
      Maximum reservoir productivity in new or existing wells

      Optimize production and injection with engineering gun systems and charges. View

    • Intelligent Completions Systems
      Completion Accessories
      Customization for well completions

      Mitigate risks with solutions for tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, zonal isolation, and more. View

    • Two Schlumberger Workers Discussing Data Displayed on a Monitor
      Well Completions Software
      Powerful digital solutions that enable data-informed decisions

      Use your data to make more informed decisions and improve well performance. View