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Vx Spectra

Surface multiphase flowmeter

Vx Spectra Surface Multiphase Flowmeter
Vx Spectra surface multiphase metering

Capture real-time multiphase flow rate measurements in all well conditions

The Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter (MPFM) is our flagship SLB MPFM based on rugged Vx multiphase well testing technology. The technology helps you determine flow 
rates without the need for separation and gives you full visibility on your well performance.

The Vx Spectra flowmeter has five venturi throat sizes that expand the operating envelope to deliver precise measurements in a wide range of production environments. By measuring flow rate and phase fractions at high frequency and at a single point in the venturi throat, the Vx Spectra flowmeter delivers continuous, accurate, and repeatable measurements in any multiphase flow regime, regardless of composition, emulsions, or foaming and in fluid types from heavy oil to wet gas.

24/7 performance—so you can keep a sharp eye on your production testing and monitoring

Providing real-time continuous measurements enables on-the-spot, rapid decision making to optimize production, identify and rectify challenges with artificial lift equipment, and ensure maximum
production uptime. 

With its smaller footprint, reduced maintenance, and ability to operate without additional fluid conditioning, the Vx Spectra flowmeter can measure production across multiple wells, monitoring individual well performance while also delivering comprehensive field production data. With the Vx Spectra flowmeter, changes in well behavior, waxing, water production, solids, or composition can be seen immediately and used to facilitate an optimal intervention response.

The superior metrological performance of every flowmeter is extensively tested and verified throughout the build process, including final flow checks in our state-of-the-art flow loop laboratory at our Singapore multiphase manufacturing facility and Well Test Technology Center.

Vx Spectra surface multiphase metering
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Decarbonize your operations

The Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio to help minimize your CO2 footprint. With a lightweight and compact design, the flowmeter has no moving parts, significantly reduces connections and valves, and requires little maintenance. When used to replace separators, it simplifies well pad architecture and reduces operating expenses.

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Vx Spectra | Perfecting Metrological Performance
Surface multiphase flowmeter
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Technical Presentation | Modernize Your Flow Measurements

In this technical presentation, we discuss the applications, benefits, and features of the Vx Spectra surface multiphase flowmeter.

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Enter your operating and flow rate parameters, and we'll send initial flowmeter specifications to show you how the Vx Spectra flowmeter is your best option.

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Maintain high-accuracy metering for the life of your well

Expand the operating envelope of the Vx Spectra flowmeter with a lightweight, compact, and cost-efficient low-rate extender kit, enabling high-metrological performance in depleting wells.

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