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Surface Testing

Accurate, efficient measurements for better reservoir characterization

mobile production surface well testing

Surface well testing is the only technique available today that assesses the true reservoir potential at full scale under dynamic conditions. It validates well performance during cleanup and commissioning and provides reservoir monitoring for better field management.

With a wide variety of surface well testing equipment available for exploration and appraisal operations through development and production campaigns, Schlumberger has the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test measurements during each phase of the field development while meeting the most stringent HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

Surface and production testing

Surface Testing Offerings

  • well testing control equipment
    Well Testing Control Equipment
    Advanced control options to reduce risk

    Mitigate risk onshore, offshore, and in any technically challenging well testing environment with an advanced range of surface well control options. View

  • operator using clean phase well test separator
    Well Test Separators
    Optimal retention, cleaner phases, better measurements

    Save time during cleanup operations with advanced well test separation technologies that reliably deliver in a wide range of operating environments. View

  • Effluent Handling and Disposal
    Effluent Handling and Disposal
    Efficient and safer treatment alternatives

    Ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the impact of testing operations with a variety of effluent treatment, handling, and disposal options. View

  • PhaseSampler Multiphase Sampling Equipment
    Surface Sampling
    Accurate flow rate measurement systems

    Collect reservoir-representative fluid samples for higher-quality PVT analysis. View

  • Surface multiphase flow metering card
    Surface Multiphase Flowmetering
    Real-time multiphase flow rate measurement

    Accurately measure the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production in real time with a compact flowmeter specifically designed for topside and land applications. View

  • Diligens Mobile Production Testing
    Mobile Production Testing
    Bring your well online faster and optimize production

    Enhance the efficiency of surface well testing operations with mobile, fit-for-purpose technologies operated by experienced personnel. View

  • AvantGuard Advanced Flowback Services
    Advanced flowback services

    Optimize productivity in fractured wells with integrated modeling, monitoring, and control. View

  • Modular Compact Well Test System
    Modular Compact Well Test System
    Achieve your well test objectives with a minimized footprint

    Simplify the sea fastening process with optimized packaging and a state-of-the-art locking system. View

  • Extended Well Tests
    Extended Well Tests
    Understand reservoir potential to reduce your risks

    Evaluate productivity and test sand-control techniques and process- and production-related technologies to better characterize your reservoir. View