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Reduce emissions and environmental impact with practical, quantifiably proven solutions

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Reduce environmental footprint without compromising performance

Energy industry oil and gas sector stakeholders, investors, and global and local communities demand to see more tangible, immediate carbon footprint reductions. Choosing solutions that reduce your footprint demonstrably while driving high performance is a daunting process. Decision makers must differentiate what’s meaningful from what’s seen as "greenwash."

Whether you’re just getting started or already decarbonizing, we can help.

Quantifiably proven impact-reducing technologies

We’ve qualified a portfolio of technologies that can measurably reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas operations. Using a scientific methodology developed by our engineers, the impacts of these technologies have proved to reduce footprint now. Our method categorizes the environmental attributes of these Transition Technologies and links them to universally recognized United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our scientific quantification methodology proves the impact of our technologies.
Our methodology defines environmental attributes that correlate with relevant UN SDGs.
Our qualified technologies are supported by clear impact calculations to better inform decisions.

Show tangible impact

Reducing environmental footprint is a complex effort that we’ve meticulously road mapped to decarbonize our own operations. Our qualified technologies can make it easier. By leveraging their measurable impacts, this added transparency strengthens your sustainability efforts against the ever-growing mandate to reduce emissions.

Reduce your footprint along eight dimensions

We partner with customers who seek ways to decarbonize operations, reduce physical environmental impact, cut waste, and use better water solutions. Our expanding capabilities focus on reductions that contribute to reversing climate change and consequently align with key energy industry drivers.


Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations Electrify infrastructure and enable access to renewable power sources Reduce hazmat and use cleaner chemicals  Minimize waste  
Reduce the amount of energy consumed during operations Enable surveillance, assessment, and control of emissions sources Promote good water stewardship Reduce the physical size of projects

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  • UN Sustainable Development Goals icons on abstract blue-aqua background
    Environmental Impact Quantification

    Support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) with proven impact-reducing technologies. View

  • Image of a man and a woman on the rig floor
    Minimize Well Construction CO2 Footprint

    Reduce emissions on the rig and from transport operations and use consumables with low embodied carbon. View

  • Address Methane Emissions

    Start with a plan, the right technologies, and a partner you can trust. View

  • Production Facility image with abstract background and transition technologies arrows.
    Eliminate or Reduce Flaring

    Achieve zero flaring in your operations or minimize its impact. View

  • 3D illustration of all electric subsea field with abstract blue background.
    Electrification of Infrastructure

    Reduce your project's physical size, improve efficiency, access renewable power, and digitalize infrastructure. View

  • Subsea layout image with abstract background and transition technologies arrows.
    Full Field Development Solutions

    Collaborate to drive high performance sustainably for low carbon impact. View

Featured products

  • Branded render of a land rig with Footprint Reduction icon
    Intelligent Power Management
    Comprehensive power optimization

    Tailor a solution to meet your objectives for fuel efficiency, emissions, and engine life. View

  • Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform
    Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

    Experience your reservoir like never before. View

  • Water droplets and ripples with Transition Technologies icon
    Zero-Flaring Well Test and Cleanup
    Lower emissions. Greater returns.

    Achieve flare-free operations using fit-for-purpose technologies and techniques View

  • Vx Spectra card
    Vx Spectra
    Surface multiphase flowmeter

    Accurately measure the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production in real time. View

  • Abstract render of a multilateral system with blue wells and glass reservoirs tagged with the Footprint Reduction icon
    Rapid Multilateral Systems
    Expanded reservoir exposure

    Increase reserves access with laterals that enable well reentry and expansion while minimizing surface costs. View

  • Optiq Seismic fiber-optic borehole seismic solution
    Optiq Seismic
    Fiber-optic borehole seismic solution

    Improve efficiency of borehole seismic operations by eliminating the need for a dedicated seismic descent. View

Explore our other solutions

  • closer look of a 3D Abstract Hero image for Methane Elimination Solution
    SLB Methane Elimination

    Remove methane and flaring emissions from your operations. For good. View

  • Closer view of the 3D Abstract Image for Carbon Capture Sequestration Hero Solution
    SLB Carbon Capture and Sequestration

    Accelerate your path to net zero with flexible, reliable, collaborative, and cost-effective solutions across the CCUS value chain. View

  • Closer view of the 3D Abstract Image for Enterprise Data Performance Hero Solution
    SLB Enterprise Data Performance

    Unlock business performance with unmatched collection, curation, and intelligent interpretation of your data. View

  • 3D Abstract Art for Performance Assurance Hero Solution
    SLB Performance Assurance

    Redefine what’s achievable for your system-level optimization. View

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