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SLB Enterprise Data Performance

Unlock business performance with unmatched collection, curation, and intelligent interpretation of your data.

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Accessing decision-ready data

Finding, collecting, visualizing, managing, and seamlessly connecting with data can be elusive—making it hard to formulate fast and intelligent insights.

Let us help.

Get actionable data now

We deliver data-enabled intelligence from trusted sources, so decisions can be made faster and with more confidence. The faster you get the data, the faster you can get the answers you need.

AI enhanced: Our system constantly learns and improves, bringing extraordinary new capabilities to users and workflows for fast and accurate decision making.
Frictionless data ingestion: Structured and unstructured data can flow freely through your domain applications from a single environment.
Simple access to data tools: Our solution connects directly to domain applications, creating a seamless experience for users.

Why SLB Enterprise Data Performance?

Having efficient data collection and a smooth delivery flow improves your productivity and effectiveness, awarding businesses a faster and more intelligent decision-making process.

Making a difference, so you can

Our platform enables businesses to access data in the right context—in the right workflow and in the right location, making collaboration simple. With embedded AI throughout, the solution offers intelligent data ingestion, better quality control, analytics, and visualization. This open-environment platform enables you to easily incorporate what you have with what you need. 

Govern data and put into context Assure data quality and transparency Remove siloes across domains
Capabilities Integrate multiple data sources Ensure user centricity Ensure openness

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