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Start your carbon project on a solid foundation with SLB

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Bringing together the data and expertise to find your best fit

A long-lasting and reliable carbon storage plan starts with the right site. Minimizing risk means making decisions backed by science and a trusted partner.

At SLB, we know what makes a strong storage site. Our experts use a range of methods and screening criteria with your project in mind. From capacity and containment to regulatory requirements and environmental impacts, we see the full picture of every site to make your project a reality.

Our products and services

  • Petrel E&P Software Platform
    E&P software platform

    Enable discipline experts to work together and make the best possible decisions—from exploration to production. View

  • PetroMod Software Central to Renewed Komombo Development
    Petroleum systems modeling software

    Predict the generation, migration, accumulation, and loss of hydrocarbons over geological time. View

  • ExplorePlan accelerated exploration planning solution
    Accelerated exploration planning solution

    Deliver a step-change in streamlining exploration strategies. View

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