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Site modeling, simulation & evaluation

Get a next-level look into your carbon project site

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SLB tech lets you explore sites with efficiency and precision

Designing a site fit to your project takes a partner who goes beyond the surface—literally. SLB tech helps you make decisions with confidence.

End-to-end digital technologies paired with our deep expertise bring your storage site into full focus. With our suite of simulation and evaluation software, you can be sure you’re using the best model to design your subsurface and surface project infrastructure.

Our products and services

  • Petrel E&P Software Platform
    E&P software platform

    Enable discipline experts to work together and make the best possible decisions—from exploration to production. View

  • ECLIPSE Industry-Reference Reservoir Simulator
    Industry-reference reservoir simulator

    Achieve black oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline reservoir simulation. View

  • INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator
    High-resolution reservoir simulator

    Gain new insight with high-resolution reservoir simulation. View

  • VISAGE Finite-Element Geomechanics Simulator
    Finite-element geomechanics simulator

    Better understand geomechanical risks and optimize production. View

  •  OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
    Dynamic multiphase flow simulator

    Use the industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. View

  • Symmetry Process Software Platform
    Process software platform

    Capture all aspects of your models from reservoir to product distribution. View

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