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Geophysics expertise, seismic data, and digital capabilities

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WesternGeco has continuously led the industry in innovation and technical improvements that meet your subsurface imaging challenges. We’ve pioneered depth migration technologies and broadband processing and continue to heavily invest in improving algorithms such as reflection full-waveform inversion, reverse time migration, and least-squares migration. 

We collaborate with you to ensure your exploration goals are fully understood and deliver tailored product and service solutions that can be measured against project KPIs.

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Schlumberger services that support remote operations.

Customize a class to fit your schedule.

Our hands-on Geosolutions software training can be customized to your needs.

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Borehole Seismic

Wireline-conveyed tools and systems for high-resolution seismic images in and beyond the borehole.

Multiclient Data Library

Global coverage that gives you access to mission-critical subsurface insights and collaborative solutions from our data experts.

Geosolutions Software

Industry-leading software and plug-ins that enhance your understanding—from survey design and in-field QC to processing, model building, and imaging.

Seismic Survey Design & Modeling

Comprehensive range of services to address acquisition, data processing, seismic interpretation, and drilling challenges.

Seismic Data Processing

Numerous workflows and algorithms for addressing challenges—from seismic data calibration and regularization to noise and multiple attenuation and signal enhancement.

Seismic Imaging

Carefully selected and expertly applied algorithms tailored to your seismic challenge and objectives.


Integrated seismic and nonseismic data, measurements, and methods for reducing uncertainty in E&P workflows.

Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Combined and optimized information, expertise, and data from a wide range of acquisition technologies.

Seismic Drilling Solutions

Comprehensive services that help address drilling challenges related to wellbore stability and drilling hazards.