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SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions

Measure, monitor, and ultimately eliminate methane emissions and routine flaring

SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions (SEES) offers you a comprehensive, robust, and flexible approach to emissions reduction tailored to your particular asset, operations, and business economics. These solutions help you measure, monitor, report, and ultimately eliminate operational methane emissions and routine flaring quickly and cost effectively. Our offering is based on a century of engineering, measurement, and data management and reporting expertise. It leverages a legacy of deep engagement with operators, academics, and startups to imagine the future and stay atop emerging technologies. And, it is underpinned by our ongoing commitment to partnering for the betterment of our industry, our stakeholders, and the planet.

Our end-to-end approach: plan, measure, act

From consultancy and planning to technical and digital solutions, we follow a holistic approach to provide you with end-to-end solutions built on three pillars—plan, measure, and act. All three pillars are underpinned by the industry’s first methane digital platform.

Other products and services

  • SEES | Methane Digital Platform
    SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions

    Manage all your emissions data in one open, secure digital environment. View

  • SEES | Methane Point Instrument
    SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions

    Detect and measure methane emissions precisely, in real time, 24/7. View

  • SEES | Methane LiDAR Camera
    SLB End-to-End Emissions Solutions

    Detect, pinpoint, and quantify methane leaks continuously, reliably, and autonomously. View

  • Mountains and greenery with a translucent outline of a pipeline
    Low-Emission Valves

    Select the right valves and maintain them properly to help prevent fugitive emissions. View

  • Vx Spectra card
    Vx Spectra
    Surface multiphase flowmeter

    Accurately measure the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production in real time. View

  • REDA Multiphase HPS Horizontal Multistage Surface Pump with Transition Technologies branding
    REDA Multiphase HPS
    Horizontal multistage surface pump

    Handles up to 90% gas volume fraction; used for zero-flaring well tests, well cleanup, and production boosting. View

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