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Scaling New Energy Systems

Accelerating the transition to low-carbon energy

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Meeting the energy demands of tomorrow

The global transition to low-carbon energy systems is pressing—we need to find alternatives to fulfill the world’s energy needs. It is not a task to be taken lightly. It's complicated and requires innovation, a new embedded approach to sustainability, and companies with the vision and capabilities to navigate and deliver on complex challenges.

What will it take to make a global impact?

grid capacity needed in the US over the next 30 years to electrify all cars and major appliances (Source: “Net Zero America,” Princeton, 2021)
projected growth in hydrogen demand from 2020 to 2050 (Source: IEA Net Zero scenario, 2021)
battery storage capacity needed by 2030 to address the hour-to-hour variability of wind and solar photovoltaic additions (Source: IEA, 2021)

Accelerating change through collaboration and partnerships

Pioneering technologies and services that accelerate a low-carbon future

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    Connect to Earth’s energy with SLB. Heat and cool your buildings with a low-carbon, sustainable resource. View

  • Geothermal consulting

    Resilient, reliable, sustainable—and ready to be tapped. View

  • Energy storage
    Energy storage

    Discover stationary storage solutions to access power when you need it. View

  • View of inside of hydrogen tank

    Making hydrogen an energy carrier of choice to enable the global energy transition. View

  • Woman in lab wearing blue coveralls using probe on test tubes full of liquid

    Powering the electrification boom with virtually no footprint. View

  • 3D CGI image of white and blue spheres on a white background (SLB_Carbon_Capture_04)
    Carbon Capture, Utilization & Sequestration

    Combining subsurface and surface expertise and technologies for an end-to-end partnership you can count on. View

See our solutions in action

  • Celsius Energy art installation in Clamart, France.
    Celsius Energy Delivers 60% Reduction in Energy Consumption

    The first installation of the Celsius Energy solution in Clamart has created a design space that integrates this sustainable technology into the urban landscape. View

  • Optiq Seismic solution seismic data
    Fiber Optics Improves Subsurface Understanding for a CCS Project

    Optiq Seismic solution efficiently acquired data across four wells using both multimode and single-mode fiber. View

  • USDOE and ADM Optimize Carbon Sequestration Using Multizonal Intelligent Completion: Case Study
    US Department of Energy and ADM Optimize Carbon Sequestration Using Multizonal Intelligent Completion

    Real-time monitoring and control with modular completion equipment and Optiq fiber-optic solution. View

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Other ways we innovate at scale

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    Decarbonizing Industry

    Working together to abate emissions. View

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    Delivering Digital at Scale

    Accelerating your time to value. View

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    Innovating in Oil & Gas

    Improving performance in the oil and gas industry. View

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