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Reservoir suitability measurements

With every measurement, uncover greater insight

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Solutions to get the most out of carbon storage

Optimizing storage starts with understanding the reservoir. Get rid of the guesswork with complete solutions and insights from SLB.

From detailed measurements to expert analysis, our tools and teams give you a comprehensive view of the reservoir—so you’ll have peace of mind in choosing the best conditions for reliable sequestration. 

Our products and services

  • Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform
    Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

    Experience your reservoir like never before. View

  • Litho Scanner High-definition spectroscopy service
    Litho Scanner
    High-definition spectroscopy service

    Unlock the key elements of your reservoir—including stand-alone TOC. View

  • Schlumberger worker performing analysis and tests in a reservoir lab.
    Reservoir Laboratories
    Comprehensive physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services

    Make timely reservoir decisions with accurate, precise results from our services, technologies, and expertise. View

  • MR Scanner expert magnetic resonance service
    MR Scanner
    Expert magnetic resonance service

    Obtain NMR measurement of porosity, permeability, and fluid volumes independent of the rock matrix. View

  • CMR-MagniPHI high-definition nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) service
    High-definition NMR service

    Unlock the T₁ dimension to provide the most accurate lithology-independent porosity and fluids mapping for the smallest pores. View

  • Integrated Wireline Platforms
    Integrated Wireline Logging Platforms
    Single toolstrings for standard, slim, and HPHT wells

    Get the complete picture of your reservoir and its fluid contents from accurately determined petrophysical properties measured by a single toolstring. View

  • FMI-HD High-Definition Formation Microimager
    High-definition formation microimager

    Visualize water-based mud environments in high fidelity and clarity. View

  • Quanta Geo Photorealistic Reservoir Geology Service
    Quanta Geo
    Photorealistic reservoir geology service

    Truly visually represent formation geology with core-like images in oil-based mud. View

  • Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform
    Sonic Scanner
    Acoustic scanning platform

    Gain acoustic insight to anisotropy and formation geomechanics in wells at any angle. View

  • MDT modular formation dynamics tester
    Modular formation dynamics tester

    Accurately measure real-time reservoir pressure and permeability and collect high-quality, representative fluid samples. View

  • XL-Rock large volume rotary sidewall coring service
    Large-volume rotary sidewall coring service

    Close the gap between continuous core and sidewall cores. View

  • PressureXpress reservoir pressure while logging service
    Reservoir pressure while logging service

    Achieve fast, accurate pressure and mobility on the first logging run. View

  • CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services uses SEM imaging and analysis
    Digital rock and fluid analytics services

    Combine physical laboratory analysis with the latest in 3D digital simulation and evaluation. View

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Featured case study

  • Image of a log showing highly detailed, core-like microresistivity images In an oil-based mud environment that were collected using Quanta Geo service.
    Minnkota Power Partners with SLB for CO2 Storage Reservoir Evaluation

    Subsurface data acquisition, analysis, and modeling creates evaluation blueprint and future Class VI injection well permitting. View