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Reamers and Stabilizers

Purpose-specific tools for soft and sticky to hard and abrasive formations

Illustration of the Rhino RHE dual-reamer rathole elimination system downhole.

Our array of reaming and stabilization tools are purpose-built for use in a variety of formations, from soft and sticky to hard and abrasive. The aim is to ensure efficient and cost-effective wells, regardless of the application.

Schlumberger worker reviewing data on monitor while performing testing on reamers and stabilizers.


Integrated borehole enlargement system


Purpose-built reamers that enable reaming a variety of formations

  • Schlumberger worker performing maintenance on an OnGauge torque-reduction sealed-bearing roller reamer.
    Torque-reduction sealed-bearing roller reamer

    Minimize stick/slip and downhole vibration using a reamer focused on torque reduction. View

  • Diamond-enhanced reamer.
    Diamond-Enhanced Insert Reamer
    Effective hole reaming and improved circulation

    Obtain a quality, full-gauge wellbore in soft to medium-hard formations with tough synthetic DEIs. View

  • Illustration of the Quad-D dual-diameter drift and drill reamer.
    Quad-D Reamer
    Dual-diameter drift and drill reamer

    Maximize performance in rotary applications with dual-diameter drift and drill reamer. View

  • Illustration of a GeoReam dual-diameter near-bit reamer.
    Dual-diameter near-bit reamer

    Run directly above the pilot bit for directional applications using downhole motors or RSSs. View


Improved performance with enhanced borehole quality

Hole Openers

High-quality hole opening at aggressive ROPs

  • Schlumberger worker holding a fixed-hole opener.
    Fixed Hole Opener
    Continuous cutter cleaning and debris clearing

    Drill longer intervals in soft to medium-hard and sticky formations where balling problems are encountered. View

  • Stage hole opener.
    Staged Hole Opener Reamer
    Fast, smoothly drilled, high-quality, concentric hole opening

    Achieve high-quality hole opening at an aggressive ROP, even in more consolidated formations. View


BHA stabilization and security in a variety of formations

  • Illustration of a diamond-enhanced stabilizer.
    Diamond-Enhanced Insert Stabilizer
    Performance in hard or abrasive formations

    Stabilize your BHA to reduce drillstring torque and drag in hard or abrasive formations. View

  • Double-diamond stabilizer illustration.
    Double-Diamond Combo Tool
    Single-piece tool for reaming and stabilization

    Use this extremely effective bottomhole stabilizer where severe crooked hole tendencies are encountered. View

  • Illustration of an integral blade stabilizer.
    Integral Blade Stabilizer
    Single-piece, high-strength tool

    Minimize torque, reduce damage to the hole wall, and ensure maximum fluid circulation. View