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Processing & Separation

Treatment solutions from the wellhead to the refinery

Denbury gas processing plant

Comprehensive oil, gas, water, and solids solutions wherever you need them

Processing performance matters. Invest and derisk surface facility processing with services and solutions that encompass conceptual engineering design through to the operation of your facility. With a strong and growing portfolio of technologies and continuous investment in digitally enabled optimization tools to improve processing performance, Schlumberger provides efficient monetization of your subsurface asset utilizing standard and custom-designed onshore, offshore, and downstream processing and treatment systems. You can optimize your existing facilities with our extensive experience and knowledge from our global installed base as well as lessons learned from operating facilities for our customers. Plan for the future with technologies that separate and treat oil, water, and gas using minimal chemicals and energy to reduce capex and opex while exceeding environmental stewardship objectives.

Our industry-leading process technologies with competent operational knowledge and experience form a foundation to support you to implement solutions to our industry's evolving challenges. Fully and economically realize your hydrocarbon-to-market goals, ensure processing performance, and derisk investment using our strengths in reservoir fluid characterization to optimize processing and separation technology selection using process pilot testing.

SACROC processing facility control room

Audit to Optimize Service

Improve processing facility performance and extend useful life of process systems.

Production Facilities

Maximize recovery, accelerate production, manage risk, and improve project economics from the ground up.

ProcessOps on DELFI

Collaborative digital solution for assuring uptime and optimizing performance of oil & gas production processing facilities

Facility Planner on DELFI

Collaboratively analyze and simulate multiple oil & gas facility concepts including scope, cost estimation, and project planning

Oil Treatment

Optimize crude slate to maximize subsurface asset monetization.

Water Treatment

Comprehensively manage produced water, seawater, washwater, and wastewater.

Gas Treatment

Effectively monetize every mole of natural gas while exceeding environmental stewardship objectives.

Solids Management

Manage solids from the wellhead through the process train.

Operational Support

Scale support from design through delivery.

Process Pilot Testing

Evaluate process design and reduce uncertainty related to technology selection.