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Full-service pipeline chemical solutions—complete with the expertise you need

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Asset integrity and flow assurance made easy

Pipeline chemicals are essential to mitigating risk and unlocking the full potential of your operations. Choose a partner who works with you to get there.

SLB creates integrated chemical solutions that bring you capabilities like corrosion prevention, purification, and more. Our experts understand your business and create targeted strategies backed by digital controls and automation for investments built to last. And with our Chemical Management Service Standard, we ensure your operations are in the best hands.

Our products and services

  • Oil and gas pipeline with valves and instrumentation.
    Oil and Gas Pipeline Chemicals and Services
    For leak detection, chemical pigging and cleaning, and integrity

    Maximize your flowline efficiency with customized chemical cleaning services, technologies, and workflows. View

  • Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial plant
    Corrosion Inhibitors
    For crude oil pipeline and oil and gas production asset integrity

    Preserve asset integrity with a comprehensive portfolio of chemical treatments. View

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