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Oil & gas cloud solutions

Unleash next-level technology—the power of the cloud harnessed across digital solutions for all oil and gas domains

Oil and Gas Cloud Solutions
Oil and Gas Cloud Solutions

Planning timelines slashed, unmatched efficiency increases, and production optimization

The book on traditional oil and gas operations has been rewritten by our cloud-based digital solutions. In all domains, processes that previously took weeks and months are now completed in days and hours. Decisions are based on up-to-the-minute insights from all data sources, and production is fully optimized across global asset portfolios.

Our products and services

  • Data Solutions On-Premise
    Data Solutions
    Digitally transform your E&P operations and maximize asset value

    Make better decisions faster with our comprehensive suite of data solutions View

  • Asset Planning
    Asset Planning
    Accelerate decision making and improve value at every stage of development

    Don’t just plan your subsea asset. Future-proof it! View

  • Subsurface Characterization
    Subsurface Characterization
    Our digital solutions for subsurface characterization give you more time to focus on real geosciences, testing and validating multiple scenarios

    Get closer to certainty, and improve decisions to deliver better field development plans, faster. View

  • Well Construction
    Digital well construction solutions
    Optimize your planning and increase your operational drilling performance and efficiency

    Improve well construction planning by connecting multiple workflows in one environment. View

  • Production
    Digitalize your production operations and start your automation journey

    Flexible digital production solutions that unleash domain driven data and AI, to enhance performance and power your journey towards autonomous operations View

  • Midstream
    Midstream solutions infused with AI

    Using AI to increase revenues in operations View