Message from the CEO | SLB

Message from the CEO

Olivier Le Peuch discusses how SLB is weaving sustainability into its culture and supporting decarbonization across the oil and gas industry.

Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch

Last year was pivotal for SLB, and I am proud of the actions we have taken to weave sustainability more deeply into our culture, driving our decisions today and setting the foundation for our future.

We announced our 2050 net zero commitment, including Scope 3 emissions. This commitment goes beyond our direct emissions and tightly aligns us with our customers to drive decarbonization across the industry.

As an innovation leader, we are uniquely positioned to advance decarbonization. We developed and launched the Transition Technologies portfolio, which is focused on reducing emissions from oil and gas operations and accelerating the path to net zero for the industry. Making a positive impact on customers’ Scope 1 and 2 emissions, while simultaneously providing a key avenue to reduce our own Scope 3 emissions, was a key achievement. We will continue to invest in this portfolio and create new ways to help customers reduce their operational emissions.

At the same time, we advanced every venture in the SLB New Energy portfolio, where we are exploring new businesses in low-carbon or carbon-neutral energy technologies. We are building partnerships and applying our experience in technology industrialization to help other industries reduce their emissions, and to expand into areas in energy end-use and storage, where our technology expertise holds great opportunity.

I am grateful for the Board of Directors and our many partners who give us the confidence to have a bold vision, and for the passion of the SLB team, which is dedicated to driving innovation and creating a more sustainable future.